Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Conservative Blogger Joins In

The World According to Chester by my friend, Chester, is now available to the public and I am happy that another Conservative fellow is blogging.

Chester has been working on the issue of Iran for the past 3 years as I know, Chester's knowledge on the US policies towards countries like Iran is an asset.
    Conservative (mostly) with a sense of humor, and a tendency to be sarcastic.
This is how Chester explains his Chesterness. Please write comments and encourage my friend to write more often.


Chester said...

Thanks, Winston.
I'm still working on the details of my blog. Hopefully, I'll get it more or less together this weekend.
Thanks for your encouragement

Aryamehr said...

Looking forward to your contributions Chester.

Rosemary said...

I went over and tried to encourage him as well. I will go back to see what else writes, and I will comment. I know how hard it is at first. Maybe we should tell him about technorati and site-meter? Hmm...

Arman said...

Yet another irresponsible "censor chi" has joined the "fool's club". I really feel pitty for you.