Friday, May 12, 2006

Kinda good news on Iran

Amir-Irani-Tehrani, a smart and knowledgeable NYC based Iranian blogger informs us about an important session of the Iranian opposition groups in London, UK, in the coming month of June which will be a meeting of different opposition groups including the Leftists, Liberals, Constitutional monarchists and other rights activists.

This is their 2nd meeting since last year and the first one was held in Berlin, Germany last year.

The purpose of such meetings/forums is to find a common goal among different factions of the Iranian exile fighting the clerics of Tehran. For too long, the Iranian opposition could not set aside its differences to help fight their common enemy which is the current Iranian regime.

Now, it seems that these different groups have come together to find ways to achieve the objective.

I was also reading some where that, initial plans to run "Free Iran Parliament" in exile, is well underway and good individuals are working hard on that as well.

I do hope it works out and I keep my fingers crossed.

Below, I am providing the original text of the London session announcement for my Iranian readers:

در روزهاي 2 و 3 و 4 ژوئن 2006 (12 و 13 و 14 خرداد 1385) در لندن جلسه اي با شركت نمایندگان نهاد ها و انجمنها، شخصيت هاي آزاديخواه و طرفدار استقرار دمكراسي و حقوق بشر در ايران، تشكيل مي شود.
نشست برلين در اين جلسه مشورتي و تداركاتي، براي ايجاد همكاري و هماهنگي در مبارزه عليه رژيم جمهوري اسلامي، شركت فعال خواهد داشت
ما اميد واريم ” نشست لندن “ با تصميمات روشن و برنامه ريزي های عملی بتواند در امر ايجاد هماهنگي و همكاري وسيع میان نیروهای ازاديخواه ايرانی نقش شایسته ای را ایفا نماید
پنجشنبه 10 مه 2006 21- ارديبهشت 1385
هيئت هماهنگي نشست برلين
ماشاالله آجوداني
ويكتوريا آزاد
شهريار آهي
حسين باقر زاده
عبدالستار دوشوكي
كامبيز روستا
ماشاالله سليمي


سيدعلی گدا said...

ممنون وينستون جان

اصلآ از اين موضوع اطلاعی نداشتم و اُميدوارم که نتيجه خوبی از اين جلسه حاصل بشه
متاسفانه نام آقای جعفرزاده
در اين ليست نميبينم

Winston said...

آقای جعفرزاده چه کسی هستند؟ و چه گروهی رو نمایندگی میکنن؟

سيدعلی گدا said...

آقای جعفرزاده رياست سازمان جوانان نيک ايران ( پيرو آيين مشروطه پادشاهی ) را عهده دار ميباشد / فردی فعال و شناخته شده در جامعه ايرانی مقيم آلمان - برلين

Winston said...

چه خوب

اما از طرف مشروطه خواهان اقای شهریار اهی هستند فکر میکنم

Aryamehr said...


I hope the participants have the above in mind when they gather in June.

Towards the overthrow of the Occupational Islamic Republic.

کـیانوش said...

جـالب است.. مـرسی از خـبر
من یه کم گرفتارم.. پام رو جـراحی کرده ام و نمی تونم زیاد بشینم پای کامپیوتر !!! تـا بـه زودی

Anonymous said...

Great. Hopefully they can get to work just a little faster, resolve their differences just a little quicker, because the current leadership in Iran will annihilate Iran.

Anonymous said...

Hitchens on Radical Islam:

Hitchens said he has personally expressed concern to British Prime Minister Tony Blair about Europe’s accommodation of radical Islam. He said that some Muslim leaders have said their growing population means they will eventually take control of Europe.

He said that the continent was more cognizant of the threat posed by fundamentalism in the past. But since the 1960s, he said, the United States has become the more mindful of the two...more ...ry=0001_article

sepehr said...

dear winston
we can not get to gether because averybody wants to become a king in iran .nobody cars what is happening in iran just to get power is the aim for them

sepehr said...

nobody cares

sepehr said...

jafrzadeh is a mojahed.who was published atomic activity in iran .they want to destroy iran to become another khomenei

رعنا said...

امیدوارم نتیجه رضایت بخش باشه

Roy Eappen said...

I hope the opposition will rally the Iran people and bring them the blessings of freedom and peace!

Winston said...

Sepehr, this Jafarzadeh is not that Alireza Jafarzadeh working as the Mojahedin informant in the States.

This one, as Seyed says, is a Constitutional monarchist

Rosemary said...

I wish Ganji could be there! Also, Amir Fakhravar. I wrote an article about his trip to the States. I sure hope everything goes smoothly. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

مخالفین تروریست هم شرکت میکنند؟
چه خوب. بریم ببینیم چه شکلین....