Friday, May 19, 2006

Badges for Jews in Iran - Back to The Future

I was just alarmed about a terrible story via an Israeli blogger about the [possibe] law in Iran which makes the religious minorities, including Jews and Christians to wear the Nazi Germany style badges for identification purposes.

Read the National Post's story

The National Post newspaper cites Iranian expats living in Canada as its source of the story.

I have not read about this in any persian language web site or paper yet. I doubt this to be true, however it is important to bear in mind that the current Iranian regime is oppressing and torturing its own people and it must change.

A Montreal based radio station also talks about this. It quotes an Iranian expat as saying:

    "The Iranian people would never stand for it. The Iranian government wouldn't be stupid enough to do it."
Regime change in Iran is in the best interest of the entire world and civilization as we know it.

How the civilized world can tolerate a backward 4th A.D style clerical government, is beyond me.

Freedom for Iranians must be our main objective today

Update1: Prime Minister Harper reacts to the story

Update 2: National Post newspaper retracts the story


Anonymous said...

Have the Iranian officials denied this report?? They could easily deny this story? Why haven't they done so??

Sahar said...

This is scary.... Shame on them. I hope it is not correct. SO far I have not read it anywhere else. Let's hope. But if true, we need to take action. We should not let them get away with this.

Chester said...

Seeing as how it originated in Canada, one has to be suspicious if the MEK is involved in making up this story.
We'll have to wait and see.
Though it's getting so much negative publicity, I doubt they'd go thru with it anyway, if it does turn out to be true.

Mark said...

Almost (but not quite) as bad as the Israeli law that defines the nationality of Israeli citizens according to race and religion .. and gives some citizens more rights than other citizens, depending on their right.

This ‘nationality’ of course being an endorsement on the ID card that all Israeli citizens are obliged to carry with them at all times .. the ID card that gives other Israeli citizens the legal right to treat you differently, depending on what type of Israeli you are.

If you are calling for regime change in Iran, then lets see you stand up to your 'principles' and also call for regime change in an aggressive rogue nuclear state like Israel, which does afterall pose a far greater threat to world peace and stability.

Anonymous said...

mark the ignorant

No one ever calls for regime change in Israel which is a democratic and free society!

Roy Eappen said...

No Mark the anti -semite. You probably support badges being put on Jews and christians in Iran

Anonymous said...

This will actually help during the invasion, the Muslims will be easier to spot and one MOAB in the right place will solve this Nazi problem and allow Allah to sort out the Good muslims from the Bad Muslims.

BTW, the Hijab in Canada is a form of ID , but once our Muslim population becomes the majority the non-Hijab wearers will be the Infidels, and Mohammad Elmasry asserts that all israelis over 18 are valid targets for murder by suicde bombers.

Cerberus said...

The Sunday Times is saying that the article is false and the National Post has pulled the story from its website.,7034,19196947%255E1702,00.html


Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

The National Post has now deep-sixed this article from it's online website, and the latest from CP WIRE is..

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was quick to condemn Iran on Friday for an anti-Semitic law that appears not to exist." -- OTTAWA (CP) - Alexander Panetta


Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I have been chasing this story. I was hoping you might know someone inside that could shine the light on this topic. If this is true and we do not act, we shall all go to hell, I fear.

Why? Because we promised after WWII, NEVER AGAIN. We have failed in Rwanda, and we have failed in Darfur, Sudan. We cannot fail again...

As soon as you learn the truth, will you please let me know? You have my e-mail, don't you? If you do not, I will give it you. Just let me know. Have a great day, and God bless you.

peace said...

"The Iranian people would never stand for it"

But Iranian people did nothing when during Khatemi's regime, all Armenian and Jewish shop owners had to put a sign to show that they are non Muslim. This practice is still in effect. Armenian and Jewish people can not have a government jobs but it's mandatory for male Christians and Jewish Iranians to serve in the Army.

So the news about the color coded signe may be false but it is not that far from the truth.

peace said...

summary of the legislation that appeared on the Majlis Web site contained no specific language designating special dress codes or markers for minorities, either. Nonetheless, the regime in Tehran has been more brutal to its opponents in recent months. A video surfaced over the weekend of the leader of Iran's striking bus drivers, Mansour Osanloo, discussing and showing the results of his torture, including a gash on his chin and a hole in his tongue, at the hands of his jailors earlier this year. The torture of Mr. Osanloo was first reported by The New York Sun in March.

But the prospect of a dress code for non-Muslims in an Iranian theocracy is not so far-fetched. Iranian religious leaders historically mandated dress codes for non-Muslims. The country's current constitution already carves out special status for non-Muslims, prohibiting them from obtaining senior posts in either the army or government. Muslims in Iran officially enjoy preference over non-Muslims in gaining admission to universities

A national ordinance enacted in 2000 and 2001 requires all non-Muslim butchers, grocers, and purveyors of food to post a form in the window of their place of business warning Muslims that they do not share their faith. At the time it was put in place, the code was defended on the grounds that it enforced Islamic dietary law

Eli Lake reports:

jacobin said...

the national post is a neo-conservative propaganda paper

the anti-Semitic clothing law does not exist

western journalists based in Iran told their Canadian colleagues that they were unaware of any such law

And Iranian politicians - including a Jewish legislator in Tehran - were infuriated by the Post report, which they called false

Politician Morris Motamed, one of about 25,000 Jews who live in Iran, called the report a slap in the face to his minority community

"Such a plan has never been proposed or discussed in parliament," Motamed told the Associated Press.

"Such news, which appeared abroad, is an insult to religious minorities here."

bush and co, are at it again, stockin the fire, trying to condition the people that us christians and jews should unite against these evil muslims

this is pure psy-ops

80% of irans population of 70 million are under 35 years of age and love western culture, iranian jews and christians can practice there religion, work etc etc, but the western media for the most part would have you and me believe that the iranians are all hitlers armed with nukes ready to take over the world

google PNAC or project for a new american century and research 9/11