Friday, May 19, 2006

Canada sanctions Iran?!?

Canada is limiting its Iranian contacts!?!

I couldn't believe it when Chester notified me of this story via International Trade Ministry of Canada web site:
    Effective immediately, we will limit our encounters with Iranian officials to the Kazemi case, Iran's human rights record and Iran's nuclear non-proliferation performance. No visits or exchanges by Iranian officials to Canada will be permitted, nor will Canadian officials engage with Iran, except relating to these issues.
That is what should have been done earlier, not late though but it is still not good enough.

The entire western world must deal with the current Iranian government harshly. The only language the mullahs of Iran understand is the language of international pressure and force.

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Robert said...

This was all done more than eight months ago by Pierre Pettigrew as Foreign Minister.

This is nothing new from the Conservative Government. It is a sham of an announcment.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals would have had the puffy chested Bill Graham spew the party line about dialogue and working with the Dictators to get "Peace in our time" .

Lets see how the NDP and Liberal stand during the next QP in parliament.
I already know the NDP is pro-Taliban and has Bill Siksay aligned with Sheema Khan and the Hamas fund raisere CAIR and CAIR-can.

Anonymous said...

kazemi case ? zohera kazemi ?
today's issue is jehangblu, isn't it ?

PGP said...

A sham of an announcement?

Apparently the Liberals are governing from the grave!

Roy Eappen said...

The Khazemi case has never been settled. Agents of the Iranian Mullahocracy murdered a Canadian for taking pictures. No one has been punished. They repeatedly lied that she had a stroke!

Anonymous said...

Liberals think the mullahs are simply liberals in wolves clothing because they're too closed-minded to understand that there are people who don't think exactly the way they do.

They really should be encouraged to join the line up of average Canadians who want to emigrate from Canada to go live in Iran.

All the liberals that live in Western countries seem to think the mullahs and their policies are just wonderful, so the line ups to get into Iran from average Americans, French, Germans, British etc. must be long. Canadian liberals should hurry.