Monday, May 1, 2006

Christopher Hitchens on Anti-War Left

Misguided support for dictators destroyed the left’s credibility

Christopher Hitchens welcomes a volte-face
    " Freedom for Palestine”, though. What exactly is that doing there? Why not freedom for Lebanon, or Syria, which are just as far away? Or Darfur? No, it had to be Palestine, because the subject had to be changed. This was indeed the favourite tactic of Saddam himself. He never mentioned the Palestinians on the day he invaded and annexed Kuwait (and incidentally ruined, as Edward Said pointed out, the lives of the thriving Palestinian diaspora in that small country). "

It's another great piece by Christopher Hitchens. I've also wondered why leftists, liberals and socialists always talk like clerics of Iran or other oppressors for that matter. Yikes!


peace said...

Christopher is the true "liberal" and his consistency of his logic is something that other so called "liberal" have to learn.

ملا حسنی said...

This is something regarding your job in gooya:

E J Hosdil said...

You make a good point. I used to be sypathethic to Palestine myself. Now I'm wondering why Palestinians are not sympathetic to other national groups. They need to be a lot less selfish if they want my sympathy back.

Rosemary said...

Christopher Hichens has always been a great writer, yes? The Left have always easily pursuaded to be wrong, yes? The point? Great article! lol.

I believe the Palestinians are in fear on a daily basis, because if they do not follow HAMAS or Islamic Jihad they will lose their lives. That said, I do not sympathize with them, since they are free to come and go. I would leave. (This is to the best of my knowledge. If I am wrong, please correct me. :)

Over at Atlantic Review, they is a follow-up on the SaveDarfur Rally held on Sunday. They have some pictures as well. All in all, we did pretty well. Thank you for all your support. ;)

یلدا said...

ببخشید اینجا چرا خارجیه؟!
and you expect me to understand?!

chester said...

You "wonder why leftists, liberals and socialists always talk like clerics of Iran or other oppressors"?
Here ya go......

"This is not the revolution," he said of the current leadership in the country. "I don't call it the revolution just because they call it the revolution. It is despotism. No despot admits he is one. They usually claim they are democrats."


Join me in Hope said...

Have you read this?

Isn't he Iranian-Canadian?

Arman said...

Christopher Hitchen is a lunatic like you all belonge to the auto grave of humanity..can't wait to see "the day"..Go find more credible people and read their work. I am serious it would help you to develope your non-existent political knowledge.