Monday, May 1, 2006

RP Hopes Regime Change in Iran SOON

Prince Reza in action again, but it definitely seems that his highness is getting ready to take action and he [also] hopes to finalize the organization of a movement aimed at overthrowing the Islamic regime in Tehran and replacing it with a democratic government.

Human Events Online has more on this in an exclusive piece and interview!

Prince Reza Pahlavi doesn't advocate military intervention, RP opposes any massive sanction against the Iranian people, Reza Pahlavi opposes any WMD programs in Iran and he advocates a democratic regime change through civil disobedience movements and that he has serious plans to make this a reality.


chester said...

His response to the reporter saying that the reformers would be better than the current people, was great!

"Come on, who are we kidding? You said the same thing about Andropov. You said he drinks whiskey and listens to jazz, therefore he’s more moderate. He was Communist for God’s sake."

LOL! SO right!

Amir said...

Well, Chester and Red Violin and Winston, you were right, he wants to be a leader. I am really intrigued to see if this "forum" will happen and if so in what form. Live song enough, see everything.

Winston said...

I think you didnt know him very well but it is okay!

I dont want him to ride the waves and become a KING, NO. I want him to solidify the shattered opposition, help encourage people to topple the regime and afterwards, lets see if he can convince that assembly thing to put him on the Peacock Throne!

Andrew Mason said...

The Shah was no walk in the park, but his regime was far more liberal, tolerant and less systematically brutal than the current lot. I say good luck to the Pretender, though historically, not many have succeeded in setting the clock back by reestablishing a monarchy, constitutional or otherwise -- though I guess there is some precedent in Iran itself (the last Shah was forced into exile and then returned after a "coup", if I am not very much mistaken).

Join me in Hope said...

Dear Winston:

Great post. Regarding ISAA, do you remember the name of the guy who defended Ahamaghinejad, the sociopathe-in-chief? It looks like the regime's agents have taken over my alma mater. Pathetic.

Roy Eappen said...

Restoration of the monarchy is essential for Iran. Constitutional Monarchy is the best form of goverment.
Are the people of Iran better off without the Shah?? No!!!!

Aryamehr said...

As I put on my blog under the same topic:

I ask of all Iranians to stand ready to serve in any capacity that they can in the coming sensitive months, we cannot afford to loose this opportunity that is being given to us. Soon it might be too late and all our efforts might become futile. If we truly want Iran to be free then we need Iranian hands to accomplish this and not foreign military intervention.


If we want Iran to be free we cannot sit and wait for others to free her for us!

Join me in Hope said...

RP is right. The clock is ticking. The suicidal policies and pathological morality of the megalomaniac-in-chief are going to effectively reduce Iran to rubbles and cause the partition of Iran as we know it. The destruction of Iran is inevitable if the regime is not overthrown. America right or wrong is not going to give up its interest in the region whether you have a Republican president or a democrat. Both parties know what Iran is up to in the region. And we would be beyond naive to think that they are going to sit idly by and do nothing about it. Having said that, the only way to save Iran from destruction like Iraq, is to overthrow the regime internally.
I don't know if Ahmadinejad and his zealot followers are literal believers in the idea that "the Madhi", or the 12th Imam - who in Shiite tradition is said to have gone into occultation (that is, disappeared), but not to have physically died - is about to return. The Madhi, I should add, returns at the “end of days”, as in the end of the world. If they do, this degree of absolute certainty about subjects that the rest of us are much less convinced of is probably a very good indicator of a leader who may have a problem accommodating alternate views of reality.

There are obviously many ways that emotional imbalance or megalomania can express itself. Leaders with a history of exploiting people’s anger too enthusiastically, or who routinely dehumanize humanity (Art of martyrdom, recruiting suicide bombers online), don't care about 'life' and the 'living'. They thrive on revenge and anger. Their hatred of their preceived opponents outweigh their own self-interest and the interest of a nation as a whole. This mini-messiah needs to be stopped before Iran is torn assunder like Iraq.

سیروس میرزایی said...

درود بر یار دبستانی عزیز و صمیمی من ، من با عقیده شما مبنی بر برگزاری یک رفراندوم شناخته شده و استاندارد که تعیین کننده سرنوشت کشور و ملت است موافقم ، اما شما هیچ تردید نداشته باشید که ملایان هرگز چنین رفراندومی را قبول ندارند چرا که چیز بسیار اولاتر و مهمتری از ملت ایران برای آنان اهمیت دارد و هرگز آنرا با هیچ چیز دیگری معامله نخواهند کرد و آن یک چیز عبارت است از حکومت امام زمانشان که مافوق ملت است و از طرفی رد اهمیت امام زمان با اتکا به آرای مردم در یک رفراندوم آزاد به معنای مرگ ملایان و جمهوری اسلامی است پس بسیار ساده لوحانه است اگر تصور کنیم که آنان به رفراندوم روی آورند هیچ راهی وجود ندارد برای برکناری ملایان از قدرت جز زور

Join me in Hope said...

Sirous Mirzai:

Wow, now the regime calls itself," The Occult Government of Imam Mahdi" ((Hokoomate emam zaman)and "above people and nation"( Mafogh-e Melat).Amazing!!!!

This speaks volume of the dark age mentality of these fanatics. This is very scary...

S S M said...

winston! His family killed thousands of Iranians during Islamic Revolution, KINGDOM is dead for ever in Iran, and Prince Reza has to pay back Iranian's money which he is living with and looking for a JOB!!

Winston said...

SSM... Says who?

1- His father, unfortunately, didnt have the guts to kill people and that is why he lost order and power and had to leave the country

2- Get your facts straight before posting dude, he didnt take a penny of the Iranian money as Mullahs claim though.

3- According to the New Yorker magazine, RP asked couple of royal families and Iranian expats for money a few times before.


Joseph Salomonsen said...

winston man you go bro! awesome reply :p LMAO