Sunday, May 7, 2006

Hypocrisy, A Funny Video

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An Iranian shiite cleric is relaxing during a mourning ceremony some where in Iran and once the cameraman zooms on him, he realizes that he has to cry and does it.

Side note: Clerics in Iran are known for their religious hypocricy and it is also a shiite tradition to cry for those who lost their lives for the sake of Islam.


Joseph Salomonsen said...

priceless bro. awesome. this shiz is the norm

chester said...

Very funny.

You know, Bill Clinton got caught in a similar situation. He was caught yucking it up walking from the funeral for his Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, and then he pretended to wipe tears from his eyes. Lol.

You can watch the clip here >>>

Anonymous said...

Hey Win, have you ever seen this?
Probably you two know each other in some ways. It seems that it is written by you.

Aryamehr said...

They're all leeches who thrive on other peoples' misery!
They are the leftovers of Mohammad the Pirate and are enemies of the Iranian Nation.

I wouldn't mind that mosque being blow to bits by a cruise missile!

Dennis said...

Why am I not surprised?

زن متولد ۱۳۵۷ said...

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