Saturday, May 6, 2006

Canadian Charged In Iran

Following the detention of Dr. Ramin Jahanbegloo, a Canadian citizen, the Iranian regime has now moved to charge him officially with very silly accusations.

His charges are espionage for foreign parties and having relations with foreigners, including having illegal links with monarchists and those groups which are trying to overthrow the mullahs.

He was believed to be taken to hospital and being tortured in the notorious Evin prison.

This completely reminds me of 2003 arrest of Canadian journalist, Ms. Kazemi who was brutally tortured, raped and killed in the prison.

We must make sure that such tragedy does not happen again. I hope Canadian government under the leadership of PM Harper ensure Ramin's freedom and well-being.

I have utmost faith in Harper's government and I am sure they are working hard to solve this.

BTW- Shahram has been updating us on this issue, you can check his weblog for more info.

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Aryamehr said...

Even though I wasn't sure what I should think of his arrest at first since I didn't know much on the background of Mr Jahanbegloo, however after reading "Sarbaze Kuchak's" post on the matter I don't know if I should worry too much about his arrest!

Have a look:

I knew that Abdol-Karim Lahidji is a terrorist who refers to himself as a "human rights advocate"; thanks to "S.B." for enlightening me on this lowlives past, but I would probably never have thought the same of Canadian-Iranian Mr Jahanbegloo, reading the news reports that i've read the past few days.

I basically agree with the other blogger who said:

"those who defend the theocratic regime in Iran are one by one being bit by the hand that feeds them."


chester said...


I don't understand what you think the Chomsky interview reveals about Jahanbegloo? He just asked straightforward questions.
I need a lot more proof than that to say that Jahanbegloo is a regime supporter, no less a terrorist, as you seem to imply.

Provide more links please to support your allegation.

Winston said...

Aryamehr, I doubt he is a regime worker. It is absurd though.

He is a very great intellectual and I do admire his works.

And we should remember that no one deserves the jail for having an opinion other than that of mine or yours.

Aryamehr said...

Guys, from what I gather from that article and S.B.'s comments Mr Jahanbegloo was suggesting there is a "reform movement" in Iran when we all clearly know that there is no such as thing other than a show put on by the Islamic terrorists who have hijacked Iran. The Islamists would love the world to think that there are "democratic" elements within the regime itself, and suggesting there is a "reform faction" in the Iranian regime works precisely in that favour.

Now I ardently believe that any such suggestion by ANYONE is wrong, but maybe I don't have the whole picture in front of me, as I said before I don't know much about Mr Jahanbegloo! However nowadays it seems anything could be possible! We were all happy that an Iranian woman had won the Nobel Peace Prize and were hopeful that she would speak out in defense of Iranians but it turned out that first of all she considers herself Muslim before anything else and is more concerned with the well being of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, U.S. Imperialism, and promoting the oxomoronical (?) view that Islam and Democracy can coexist!!!!!!

Here's another blogger that isn't surprised that Mr Jahanbegloo has been arrested:

I guess my point on this at this point in time is that anything could be possible...

BTW this leftist bastard "Noam Chomsky" really needs to be put in place. He is whitewashing the IRI's crimes and telling us that the Islamic Republic is not a terrorist state at all!! That these leftist bastards have the nerve! Not to forget how this bastard continues trying to paint the late Shah of Iran as a blood thirsty dictator!!!

Anonymous said...

Aryamehr: Don't forget these 'leftist basterds', Carter et al., installed the mullahs in Iran. I'm not surprised that they are still supporting them.