Friday, May 5, 2006

I'm threatened... part II

This is what I got from the headguy Nema Milania after he has consulted with his attorney (I wonder how many people can afford having attorneys these days)
    Victory is yours, its too costly to sue and the likelihood of victory in this territory is unclear. Please continue with your unsubstantiated comments.
I really don't take pride in this and I don't think the victory is mine (I wasn't fighting at all), but the thing is that I am very upset that these guys think they can intimidate others who despise them.

I just want these guys to ASK themselves once why many people including me say they are regime collaborators?

By the way, I sent this guy a personal apology for my un-controlled anger.

I wrote him in an e-mail:
    Mr. Milaninia
    Personal apologies offered if I upset you but all in all, I stand by my point that you are not serving any point by having regime supporters on your blog mocking the Iranian people's desire to be free and prosperous.
Case closed!

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رعنا said...

these days everything is not care