Friday, May 5, 2006

I'm threatened with a law suit

I am not kidding!

Following a long discussion on Winds Of Change on recent Juan Cole's rantings on Iran and the fact that I used the available material on the internet to expose the true nature of people at, I have received the following e-mail from the iranian truth head guy Mr. Nema Milania who threatens to sue me for things I said there.

He writes

    Please retract your statements. I am seriously considering filing a defamation suit against you in Canada. Your website’s domain name can be used to identify your true name and address and if your statements continue please be assured I will have no hesitation in contacting my attorney.

    Thank you,

    Nema Milaninia
Although I didnt accuse him and his pro-regime cabal at that web site and I just used public info to expose him as he is, but this action shows us how freedom of speech is being exercised by pro-regime people around the world.

Taking me to court for things I have "quoted" just like the Mullahs do to those disagreeing with them back in Iran??? This is gotta be a silly joke in 21st century.

Sometimes I feel we, Iranians, are 1 million light years away from democracy and this is a proving example!

Do what you want, but do not intimidate those who dislike you and what you do and ask yourself why so many people think you are an Iranian regime supporter living in North America.


chester said...

Well, if he didn't learn this tactic from regime, maybe he learned it from CAIR. They pull the same crap threatening people all the time.

And you're right. These people have no idea about democracy and freedom of speech.

Same mentality as regime complaining to UN the other day about U.S. making threats about sanctions. Only regime is allowed to make threats. No one is allowed to threaten them back. Lol.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Winston! You keep up the good work--all the other side knows is fear and smear, nothing more. They hate free speech, and hence, they'll do everything they can to attack those who exercise it.

Best wishes, don't fear this clown, he can't do anything to you.

Nema said...

Victory is yours, its too costly to sue and the likelihood of victory in this territory is unclear. Please continue with your unsubstantiated comments.

Anonymous said...

David Frum was threatened by a similiar law-Suit started by Sheema Khan at CAIR-Canada,Frum and David Harris from CSIS cited evidence that CAIR was linked to a Hamas based terror group .
Khan opposed this truth and tried to silence the media with her Shariah-Law values to protect Islam from the truth getting out to non-Muslims , but alas , CAIR was about to be forced to reveal all sources of donations by a US Federal Judge in 2 law-suits down there, and CAIR dropped the suits and so Sheema Khan dropped both her Suits against Frum and Harris.

Khan lied about having no links to the US CAIR that has had several Members indicted or deported for funding terrorism, a copy of her claim to revenue Canada for Charity status has her signature on papers stating CAIR-Can is an extention of CAIR-USA and she agrees to the rules as a Chapter of CAIR-USA.

Do a search for "anti-Cair" and read it for yourself to see Khan's support for Hamas , and check out how NDP MP Bill Siksay now aligns himself with CAIR to release the 4 Muslims being held on suspicion of terror links.

Werner Patels said...

I would tell him to go to hell. This is Canada, not Iran.

BBS said...

Sounds like an American who doesn't quite understand Canadian law. I hope he's prepared to cover all costs if he files suit and loses. A little different up here from the sue happy court system in the US.

Anonymous said...

I think by threatning to sue you, he has self-incriminated himself in a public form. In comment#77, He says,"One of our authors does support the Iranian government, just like a number of Iranians in Iran do." Basically, he says one of my writers is a supporter of a the most active state sponsor of terrorism in the US. You might want to look into that. I don't think the DHS will be pleased with that info. Good luck.

Iranian Woman said...

The Iraniantruth is a blog where people with no common ground can post articles alongside one another. I am one of the people who can post on if I choose to. Nema is one of the few Iranian bloggers giving voice to every side.

Aryamehr said...


Don't let those who seek to silence the voice of the people intimidate you. We are facing an enemy that has not just one but several fronts.

We shall stand behind each other, every step until total victory.

chester said...

Iranian Woman :

The murderous regime doesn't get enough publicity thru it's own outlets that it needs someone like Nema to help it be heard?

Mixing pro-regime articles with others is a great tactic to help legitimize the regime, under the guise of giving a free forum to all.

That's BS

Anonymous said...

Chester, You have made a great a point.

Giving a forum to supporters of the most active state sponsor of terrorism, in an of itself, should be a crime under the Patriot ACT and perhaps shoud be reported to DHS.

Would you give a forum to Hitler,KKK, or Mouselini to promote their agenda in the name of "balance" and "democracy"?? We are not fools.

Iranian Woman said...


I see it as tolerance of political views, opinions, and ideologies as long as there isn't a double standard. Try looking at it as if it was a stadium! "Some stadiums are designed primarily for a single sport while others can accommodate different events."

chester said...

Iranian Woman :

There is no such thing in my book as tolerance for terrorists. Maybe there is in yours.
Terrorists and their sympathizers aren't allowed in my stadium, and shouldn't be allowed in anyone else's if they're truly on the side of freedom, democracy and human rights.
Terrorists play games with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

To All:

Hey, why not in the name of democracy we give a forum to murderers , serial killers, the mafia, wife beaters, child molesters, psychopaths, criminally insane, , gang members, thieves... heck why not the entire prison population. I'm sure they have a lot to contribute....NOT

Iranian Woman said...


Iraniantruth is not a terrorist forum but more of a forum where people for having different ideology and political belief don't get suffocated If you like to see the world in your own light... you are entitled to it and I have no intention of restoring your database!

Nema said...


Actually the standard for slander and libel in Canada is lower then the one in America making it easier to sue in Canada then in the US.

chester said...

Iranian Woman:

"Iraniantruth is not a terrorist forum but more of a forum where people for having different ideology and political belief don't get suffocated"

It allows terrorists to post their articles on it. Call it what you like; an enabler?

You seem to miss the key point though others understand.
The point it: articles espousing the regime point of view SHOULD be suffocated, not propagated.

And there is a big difference between presenting the regime point of view for educational purposes in order to criticize it, and presenting it as though it is a legitimate opinion or point of view to have.

It's incredulous to me, that a person has a blog that seems to be about fighting the horrendous tortures and treatments of the Iranian people, yet it's perfectly alright to you, for these same murderous regime mouthpieces to have an outlet for their "opinions".

Those two things just don't mesh.

If you truly want to stop the injustices against the Iranian people, you need to shut down the regime. That includes their mouthpieces.