Monday, May 22, 2006

Iranian regime finances terrorism

The words on the box read: Aid to destroy Israel

Read more Iran: Fund to 'demolish' Israel set up through Ynet News:
    A group of [hardline] Iranian students announced Sunday at an event attended by a high-ranking member of the elite Revolutionary Guards that they were setting up a fund to destroy Israel.
BTW- This is another proof for those idiot leftists and ignorant inidviduals who can't believe that Iranian regime has always been financing terrorists to kill Israelis citizens.


Rosemary said...

Well said. I have found an article by AP about the dress code: Dress Code. It may be easier for you to determine what is being discussed. Frankly, I do not want anyone telling me anything! lol. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Iranians who are crazy about Israel should realize that they're all upset over one little postage stamp of a country populated by only a few million Jews, that's it. What a bunch of losers.

odds said...

Well, the Iranian-Jews will live and will be fine. Israel will be around for a long time.

The Dress Code 'thing'? This is, I think, another diversion on the part of the IRI regime (Lot of Hot Air). But, even if a diversion or a rumour, it should be taken seriously. It shows true colours (not that we haven't seen the true colours of IRI or its current monkey before).

Will IRI survive? I doubt that the lice infested Ahmadinejad and IRI would. I suspect 2007 will be the beginning of the end for the self appointed Mollahs and, at least, most of their hooligans and supporters. Some will survive to tell the tale and to reek havoc. Those must be stopped.

Chester said...

Hey anonymous!
Anyone who feels he has to post a comment like that is the Big LOSER.

Anonymous said...

well done Winston
you certinaly know how & where to get your news.


Winston said...

Kupablo, you need to leave your weblog address here for every one to see!


Anonymous said...

Regarding Dress code:

The story might not be true but you can't deny the historical fact of insignia being used to identify dhimmis in Islam. Most people think that the Nazi started this but it was borrowed from Islam.

Anonymous said...

sure, but sometimes i'm to lazy to log in with the passward when i'm at work or at university.



Roger Rancourt said...


For the last time give me an answer: Are you the same Rosemary from "From the Desk of Patrick Fitzgerald"?

If so, why are you unable to see foreign policy in a more balanced light?

Truth be Told...

Extremist israelis are just as far to blame as extremist "iranians"

I'm real curious about that, did you realize the novel conspiracy or are you only examining one side?