Sunday, May 21, 2006

Iran's Reformollah Vs Hezbollah

Iran's reformollahis Vs Iran's Hezbollahis

It is another sham and fake play, the regime is trying to implement to distract the entire world from what it is really doing to its own people. There is no differences between the so-called state refomers/moderate and hardliners.

The current Iranian regime including its moderate elements must go to hell in one piece. Regime change in Iran means absolute regime change. There is a black and white case with regards to the current islamic system of Iran. You are either against it (opposition) or with it in form of moderates or hardliners!

اسهال طلب بودن با حزب الهی بودن چه فرقی دارد وقتی هدف هر دوی اینها حفظ رژیم کثیف و جنایتکار اسلامیه؟ از نظر من که همشون سر و ته یک کرباس هستند و یه روزی این اشغالها باید جواب پس بدهند


تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

میدونم که بـحث با مـجاهـد ها بی فـایـده است !! ولی خـوب اگه هـیچکس هـم حقایق رو بـهشون نـگه پس فـردا میـگن ماکه نـمیدونستیم... کسی هم به مانـگفت ؛)ـ

Anonymous said...

Closing down of the universities:

The ultra-radical publication issued its call in these words: “Today, all Iranian cultural activists, whether strategic, tactical or operational have a golden opportunity to rectify the cultural situation of the country and so must act to achieve this.” It called for the launching of a second cultural revolution, the first one being the one that shut all institutions of higher education and Islamicized them by purging a large number of Westernized teachers with rigid state controls.