Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iranian students seeking US support

"Iranian Dissident to Seek Support For Opposition" is the title of the today's NY Sun piece written by the only American journalist supporting freedom in Iran a.k.a Eli Lake.

    Less than 24 hours after one of Iran's leading dissidents and authors escaped to a neighboring state, the former chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, Richard Perle, interrupted his trip to central Asia to meet with him in a cramped hotel room.
    "There have been some contacts with some Democratic senators. There are people in our organization that are talking to them to organize," Mr. Fakhravar said. "But most of the support is coming from the Republicans, Mr. Perle, and his friends. We have the interest of the Iranian people. We want to achieve freedom at any costs. We will take help from wherever we can get it to reduce the costs of obtaining our freedom."

link to the original page at NY Sun or Iran Va Jahan

Amir Abbas Fakhravar has fled Iran and is now heading to Washington D.C to start a new campaign against the Islamic regime of Iran.

This is almost the best news I have heard so far about the Iranian students movement and indeed, people like Amir Fakhravar are among a few true Iranians who do understand the realities of the world and unlike stupid leftist (Tudehii) Iranians who hate the freedom and love the Mullahs, these few courageous students care about Iran and its people very much. ( Amir's official web site )

You know, if Iran will become a free and democratic nation in future, these few people risking their lives to see it happening, will always be remembered as heroes and nobel individuals, if you will.

I hope their plans work and they get what they wish for. Iranians deserve to be free and prosperous.


سيدعلی گدا said...

سلام وينستون جان

!!! پيش از هر چيز ممنون از لينک
در ضمن اين خائنين به وطن ( بسيجی ) اگر ميامدند و چهار کلام حرف حساب ميزدند که موردی نداشت ، سر تا پا اراجيف ميگند که به عربهای سوسمار خور ۱۴۰۰ سال پيش بر ميگرده

a Duoist said...

Dear Winston,

Are students in Iran aware that 'freedom' has just started being taught in the philosophy departments in some of the world's great universities as a separate and honored specialization, called the 'Philosophy of Human Rights'? A number of Muslim scholars at Islamic universities are actively involved: your Iranian students can visit the inquiry at:

As yet, no Iranan philosopher is part of the world-wide development of the Philosophy of Human Rights, which is unfortunate. But if Iran's students were to express an interest in this philosophy to their professors, perhaps the great culture of Persia could offer some invaluable insights for this philosophy.

Another possibility for Iranan students is the Philosophy of Freedom, on-line at:

Students, in particular, may enjoy the 'flash' on this site devoted to the Philosophy of Freedom.

If the US saw a pragmatic Iranian student interest in freedom as a philosophy, I am certain that American support would increase dramatically for Iranian students in the months and years ahead.

We Americans take freedom very seriously, which upsets so many other people, but if the Iranian students come to love freedom as we Americans do, then perhaps the tensions building between out two governments can be ameliorated. It is worthwhile pointing out that NO two free nations have ever attacked the other, in all of history, and specifically, considering current tensions, Iranians should realize that the US has never attacked a free nation. Not ever! Free peoples simply 'agree to disagree' when they have disputes.

'Be free.'

Joseph Salomonsen said...

there is fire of cyrus the great in that "abar" mans eyes

chester said...

I'm very glad to hear that Fakhravar has escaped.
I know other dissidents have said that they thought they could do more if they stayed in Iran. Maybe a few, but most can do more now if they join Reza Pahlavi in a unified front against the regime.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news.

Rosemary said...

This is the best news I've heard as well. I have written a note of encourament before I even finished reading your post! lol. Thank you so much for the news. Have a great day.

Rosemary said...

Dear a duoist,
Do you remember the Civil War? Just curious. Germany was a free country as well. Yes, at the time of WWII. I'm tired of the illusion. History should not be erased because we would like to remember things differently. It is not good for the soul or the country. Thank you.

Aryamehr said...

Can you believe that the "Hoder guy" had the audacity to make fun of this news story claiming Fakhravar is a nobody!!! Let me tell you, it really does PISS ME OFF!

More power to Fakhravar and other Iranian freedomfighters who unlike HODER (!) do not have time traveling the world on their family's expenses doing nothing useful! The guy went to Israel and taught 2 jewish girls some vulgar words in persian! I'm sure the Mohammadi brothers who are being tortured in prison like hundreds of others appreciate this clown's work!