Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More recent pictures of the protests

An Iranian blogger provides us with some photos of the Sunday protests in Tehran.

The 2nd and 3rd pictures are taken by ISNA at Ahvaz University, south west of Iran.

I believe protests are spread to every corner of the country.

((Signs read: University is the home of students / Beating the students is illegal ...))

gateway pundit has more on this

Update 1: VOA Persian interviewed Dr. Nourizadeh tonight and in which he said there is a semi-martial law in order in NW of Iran

Update 2: Regime will confront those disrupting the public order

Update 3: Student leaders in an interview with VOA persian say that they were called Infidels and Anti-Islamic individuals during the protests by the regime's forces and militias


Gateway Pundit said...

Terrific reporting, Winston. I am wondering what the signs say?

A Ziffle said...

What a load. Iran can go to hell. What has Iran done for me lately?

A Ziffle said...

What is your deal? Why aren't you over in Iran fighting for the cause?

A Ziffle said...

And why do you censor the posts here? That's how they do it in Iran...

Anonymous said...

Winston, how far would this regime go to suppress these students?

chester said...

Ziffle, you're a idiot and your kinds of posts are the reason there's a delete option.

anonymous, they have shot people from helicopter gunships in the past.

Anonymous said...

Some of the banners read:

University is our house and you're tresspassing(?)right winston??

Leave the nukes, Take care of us!

This is University, not a religious madrassa

University is not a military garrison

Some other chants about how crazy is Ahmadinejad and how he is going to ruin and destroy the country.

Rosemary said...

Hey, a ziffle, I have news for you. So you would like to know what has done for you?

I have a question. What the hell have done for Iran, and for that matter, anyone else besides your own scummy arse?

Iranian people are people. They deserve to be treated as such. Would you like respect? Then show some. Would you like to remain free? Then allow others the same opportunity.

Iranian students are doing what no one else can...they are trying to bring down a tyrannical regime which is up to it's ears in terrorism. Or would you prefer to live under sharia law?

Are you one of those? Then I have a word for you. Die.

Rosemary said...

Great post, Winston. (Sorry for blowing off a little steam. lol.) I do suffer idiots lightly...

azadi eshgheman said...

Thank you Winston for reporting in english, also for people in the world who do not speak farsi. I try to report as much as I can in czech/slovak... and the people are reading it! Great work. Kheili motashakkeram