Monday, May 29, 2006

I support you against the US aggression

A 3rd world guy like me: I support your country [Iran] if you go to war with the US.

Me: I don't want the war, I don't want to fight with any one. I want to live in peace.

A 3rd world guy like me: Well, the US is gonna attack Iran. I support you against the US

Me: I don't need your support, thanks. I support the United States

A 3rd world guy like me: Oh... Are you Christian?

Me: No, I am not muslim either. I am nothing

End of the freaking short conversation at work in a country called Canada.


Rosemary said...

I told you. They're everywhere. Do he not understand that more people support you than him? Why is always war the first thing people talk about? That is so stupid. That should be last thing. Wars happen because diplomacy failed. I guess they don't teach that in school anymore...

arctic_front said...

Rosemary: Diplomacy 'succeeded' with Hitler, in 1936...and it also 'succeeded' between Hitler and Stalin. I guess diplomacy is a sure-fire way to avoid war then?

The way the world really works is that truely EVIL people somehow get to rule countries. Pick any leaders you want. These evil people will wage war on others for any reason they want. What do we do about that? Diplomacy can work, and it shouldn't be ignored. But it won't prevent wars. Iran is a case in point. They won't engage in diplomacy, and they are rushing to build nuclear weapons....and are also overtly threatening Israel. Should we replay the 'diplomacy' between Chamberlain and Hitler? You know, ""Peace in our time" kind of diplomacy? Afterall, it worked last time, right?

Anonymous said...

arctic_front: What do you mean by diplomacy? Define diplomacy, please.

To quantify diplomacy at this juncture: The regime short of getting 'security guarantees'--vis a vis--Kennedy-Cuba from the US and some concessions in Iraq (according to Stratfor)-- is not going to stop enriching uranium and give up it's Islamic bomb.

We gave N.Korea security guarantees in 1994 but they still went ahead with their nuclear weapon program and build their bomb.

At the heart of the issue lies the Iranian regime’s aspiration to become a hegemonic Islamic and regional power and thereby position itself at eye level with the world’s most powerful nations. It is precisely this ambition (exporting the Islamic revolution throughout the world as it's clearly stated in its Constitution)that sets Iran apart from North Korea: whereas North Korea seeks nuclear weapons capability in order to entrench its isolation, Iran is aiming for regional dominance and more.
Iran is betting on revolutionary changes within the power structure of the Middle East to help it achieve its strategic goal. To this end, it makes use of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but also of Lebanon, Syria, its influence in the Gulf region, and, above all, Iraq. This combination of hegemonic aspirations, questioning of the regional status quo, and a nuclear programme is extremely dangerous. Ahmadinejad is trying to revive the purest definition of the faith. He asserts, "Islam is an alternative to the current global system, not a candidate for becoming a small part of it."Islamic regime in Iran which justifies all it's activities against Iranian people in the name of "allah" and "Islam" and has turned Iran into an economical disaster, has been openly funding and supporting different fundamentalist terrorist groups while spending a lot on
expansion of their propaganda tools like Islamic & Arabic satelite TVs and radios. Islamic fundamentalist terroris groups have been holding their conventions in Iran under their support and protection for many years and continue to do do so today!

Are we suppose to turn a blind eye to all we know about this regime and its intentions and still cave in to their demands and give them security guarantees as the EU and some pundists in the US suggest? Perhaps Alexander Hamilton, who took no direct role in the Barbary saga, gives the most useful advice: We should "awake from the deceitful dream of a golden age," he wrote in Federalist No. 6, and realize that we "are yet remote from the happy empire of perfect wisdom and perfect reason." It's a tough world, and our problems won't go away by wishing. Hope you all like Sharia laws.

I strongly urge you to read this article originally printed in Wall Street Journal:

Rosemary said...

Dear Arctic_front,
You make some very valid points. I never, for one instant, believed in the Oslo Accords. I was right.

I did not believe in giving Saddam 2 years and 8 months to hide his WMD. I was right. It does exist. We took over 500 tons of ENRICHED uranium out of that country. You want to try to tell me he wasn't waiting out the world? Ya, right!

What I am referring to here is quite simple. The people of Iran are as patriotic as we Americans. We can impeach, heckle, or whatever a president; but let some other country try to interfere? Watch out!

That is why they need our support and pressure on the regime. The students, if you have not noticed (with enough aid in whichever they need), can bring this regime down. Don't be so bloodthirsty.

And you guys call me the neo-con hawk? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Tom W. said...

Why do so many people assume that Muslims don't know what's in their own best interests?

"I support your fight to remain enslaved by a brutal dictatorship."

Nobody would ever say that to a white Christian, but they say it to darker-skinned Muslims all the time. Why?

Because deep down they believe that the natural state of darker-skinned Muslims is to live like animals, without free will, without joy, in perpetual pain, suffering, and backwardness.

What a horrible thing to think about your fellow human beings.

Rubin said...

heh thanks Tom Dubya,

Did a fine job there Tommy of confessing our sins.

It takes a special talent and a remarkable imagination to winkle out all our character flaws.

Thanks for unashamedly sharing your thoughts asshole.

stefania said...

Winston, great response to the anti-war idiot.