Monday, May 29, 2006

Is this a pre-revolutionary situation?

Look at the pictures, these are hundreds, if not thousands, of freedom loving Iranian students who want to be free and are taking risks for freedom we take for granted here.

I wonder why the mainstream media have been silent on the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy?

A student leader blogging & Also this one tell us, in Persian language, that many student leaders are detained and taken to un-disclosed locations by the regime's security forces.
    UPDATE: Rooz Online has the latest on the third day of student unrest at Tehran University. 18 students have been temporarily “fired”; 5 faculty permanently “fired.” “One student who had climbed the fence of the campus told Rooz Online that there were clashes all over the campus and that students lived in fear.” Rooz also reports that the mullahs have stepped up their Internet filtering.
Anti-regime protests have increased in NW of Iran, many people killed and many more injured in clashes with regime's forces. It can be signs of a bigger revolt against the Mullahs.

Remember that the 1905 Constitutional Revolution of Iran began in Tabriz and ended in Tehran resulting in restriction of the limitless powers of the Iranian king at that time. Also we have to remember that 1979 revolution also had its sparks in Tabriz 1 year before the actual protests took place in Tehran and brought down the late Shah of Iran. Now, this may be another one!

Any ways, I am quite angry at the media for not reporting the truth... for their blind hatred for freedom loving people of my country, for lies they spread,... etc

The Iranian students CAN NOT change the regime but if they are supported, led properly and united with labors and other major movements inside of Iran, they can bring any change one wishes to see in Iran.

These kids need support, money and proper equipments to defend themselves against the Iranian government's thugs.

Ottawa Sun: .....
    That's why it is so disappointing to see how little attention is being paid to the student movement in Iran. Since about 1997, students in Iran have been bravely fighting for their freedom.
    This movement should be what Western students are focused on. Not carrying unfunny signs comparing Bush to Hitler, or following around trade organizations like they're the Grateful Dead (to use one of Naomi Klein's unusually apt phrasings), gestures that reek of moral narcissism and matter only to the protesters themselves. The current Iranian regime, horrible as it is, has proved itself to be worried about its international popularity.
I'll keep you posted as this develops...


asal said... u can help us?!!!!

a Duoist said...

Hello Winston,

Wonderful post, with great pictures that do so much to help explain what is happening in Iran, even though our MSM is largely silent.

Once again, the newest pictures of the student demonstrations in Iran are notable for the lack of flags. Symbols are so important to us humans in building support and identifying with a moral cause, like freedom.

Would not a sky-blue flag, representing the desire for freedom, become a universal symbol in Iran--and perhaps worldwide--if the labor and student demonstrators in Iran adopted it? Persian blue is also a famous color, somewhat more purple than sky-blue, but would be just as effective as a symbol. What Iranian mullah can object to flying a solid flag of Persian blue?

One thinks of the effectiveness of the solid green flag of Islam flying in front of the spread of the faith, and of the effectiveness of the solid red flag flying in demonstrations for more than 150 years for socialism.

Blue flags for freedom in Iran would capture a lot more attention from the world's MSM: the press loves symbols, because they express so much more than words. When 500,000 people demonstrated for freedom in Hong Kong two years ago, no pictures hit the American MSM. But if so many people had instead been waving a sea of blue flags, the pictures would have been on every newspaper's front page, because they know television news will definitely broadcast something as visually dramatic and symbolic as an undulating ocean of blue flags.

'Be free.'

Aryamehr said...

Thanks for the update Winston.

SHAME ON THE WESTERN MEDIA! When 200 Islamist thugs are bused in from across the country by the Islamic Republic to hold a rally outside the Danish Embassy the western news medias (BBC, CNN, AFP, Reuters...) are quick to cover the story live on TV making it seem like Iranians are crazy fanatics! When tens of thousands of Iranians come out denouncing that very same regime that is doing these kind of acts, condemning them for the oppressive rule!!! EVERYTHING GOES SILENT!

Amir said...

Greetings from Lebanon, Winston!

Bill Baar said...

thanks for following this when there is such a lack of coverage in MSM.

leaddog2 said...

You said:

I wonder why the mainstream media have been silent on the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy?

I cannot prove it, but I believe it is because most of them are left wing supporters of anything that denies freedom to other people. The Joe Stalin "glorifiers" at the New York Times are prime examples.

Chester said...

Kudos! to Jordan Michael Smith for bringing attention to the lack of student solidarity wordwide with the students in Iran.

Good post!

Iranian Woman said...

Right on. Thank you for this post. I linked to it.

spitfire said...

Please don't get discouraged or stop blogging about this. The leftist media in this country (America) are, at their core,inherently hostile to projections of American power or ideology, and have been for a very, very long time. Thus an outbreak of protests against a totalitarian regime in a place like Iran gets little to no play here, because of the sick mindset of the leftists that run our media. The internet, however, is another story. I can only hope that the previous commenter, Asal, realizes that there are millions of Americans who are aware of the student protests in Iran, and that people like Michael Ledeen over at National Review Online have been steadfast in spreading the word about the plight of the Iranian people under this most repressive of regimes. The only help that I can offer you, Asal, is one of moral support. But make no mistake: the Bush Administration is well aware of you and those like you, and hopefully, they will provide the necessary logistical support to enable you to overthrow this awful regime. As Eisenhower said on the even of D-Day, June, '44, I say to you: Good luck! And let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great
and noble undertaking.

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I have contacted the news station Fox, but I reached a recording. I think everyone doesn't know there is news happening even if it interferes with their picnics! Argghhh!

I left them a message about what you have written. I told them there are almost 100,000 Iranian students rioting for freedom and trying to take down the regime.

I don't know, but I left my name and number just in case. We'll see...

Dear Asal,
We can help by supporting the students, sanctioning the leaders and anyone connected with terrorism, freezing their bank accounts outside of Iran, getting the word out, shaming the government, getting these pictures out there for everyone to see, encouraging you to have faith in what you are doing and know it is right, sending money to the leaders of the student uprising, and many more ways.

Does that answer your question? I hope so. Keep up the good work. This will keep the USA from doing anything, because we do not want to harm any students. Or any other people, for that matter! (Well, except the terrorists!)

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I cannot even leave a comment at the bloggers sites you listed! Those b*st*rds! I know it is the government ALONG WITH MICROSOFT making sure they don't communicate with anyone. I'm angry! Please excuse my language. I know it isn't lady-like, but those people deserve the title.

Anonymous said...

شعري از اميلي ديکنسون است که ميگويد فروپاشي يک پروسه لحظه اي
نيست ابدا و اصلا - فروپاشي يک گنديدگي طولاني مدت است که ما تنها
لحظه ريختن را شاهديم

sheernejad said...

Don't know if its true, but I read on Scan Iranic blog that the regime is making its media outlets not report stories about the demonstration and is trying to keep a real tight lid on the whole protest situation.

Louise said...

Hmmm. Since I don't have my TV plugged in and haven't got, and don't intend to get, a cable subscription, I really don't know what the MSM televison channels are covering these days.

However, my hunch is there is some juicy scandal that they are currently salivating over which will be blown up out of all proportion for the next six weeks to six months to the exclusion of all other things going on in the world despite their much greater import for the future of mankind. Bah!! Humbug!!! I hate MSM!!!!

(Hi Rosemary. You are the same Rosemary from the Iraqi blogs, aren't you. Good to see your name and read your comments here.)

peace said...

You are also linked here:

peace said...

Iranian blogger:

Friday Prayer
The prayer is finished when some one yelled:”Takbir” [a call for others to say death to this and that country, literally it means Allah is Great.]

Friday prayers (18 years ago)

“Death to the “Great Satan!”
“Death to USSR!”
“Death to England!”
“Death to Israel!”
“Death to Monafeghin(an opposition group in Iraq) and Saddam!”

Friday prayers (10 years ago)

“Death to the “Great Satan!”
“Death to England!”
“Death to Israel!”
“Death to Monafeghin(an opposition group in Iraq) and Saddam!”

Friday prayers (Lat week)

“Death to the “Great Satan!”
“Death to Israel!”

Friday prayers (2 or more years later)

Those who attend this “Namaz e doshmanshekan” (a prayer which make the enemies give up) come; say their prayers and go home and you don’t hear anything but the rhythm of their steps on the ground; you can also see the sign:

Rosemary said...

Hi Louise,
Yes, 'tis me. lol. I must say, I've seen your name in several places as well. We are globe trotters, eh? lol.

Are you the same Louise that comments on Gregg and Sher's blogs? I pray he feels much better soon. Have a nice Memorial Day. :)