Sunday, May 28, 2006

Protests in Iran

The persian language blog, dedicated to the students' protests in Tehran, informs us that major protests against the regime will be held at Tehran University at 12 pm local time on Sunday May 28th (in 2 hours).

Turkish Press reports on protests in Iran /Rooz Online has an editorial piece on the recent unrests among the Iranian students / A hot summer ahead by Mehrdad Sheibani at Rooz Online journal / BBC Persian service updates us on major demonstration in NW of Iran which resulted in death of 5 citizens / NY Sun has done a great job of covering Iran's issues / BBC News - English reports the news of unrests in NW of Iran, also confirming death of people / Persian Journal has a pictorial report on this / Various news web sites report that regime has started arresting students leaders / AFP reports the NW demonstrations / Ottawa Sun mentions the students' protests

Update 1: I am hearing that regime has started arresting student movement leaders

I will keep you informed as this develops!
Michael Ledeen mentions my blog at National Review Online's journal


Aryamehr said...

Thanks for the update Winston!

P.S. Did you get the clips I sent you?

Louise said...

I'm going to write a few letters today. One will go to the Iranian embassy in Ottawa, one will go to the Egyptian embassy in Ottawa and another will go to someone in government. I'm not quite sure who should receive it, but I'll make a list and put the whole bunch either in the "to" line or on the "CC'd to" list.

آهو said...

خيلي ممنون از محبتت وينستون جان
در مورد خيابان تهران و كورش فكر ميكنم درست باشه. از بچه ها دقيقا ميپرسم

Anonymous said...

While the Iranians are fighting for their freedome and are being arrested, tortured, and jailed, The Eu's Solana is convinced that the US will give the Islamic Republic (the regime that birthed militant Islam) the security guarantees that the regime have sought for and bullied the West for so long. Bullying pays off!!!

Rosemary said...

I have found an article to disprove this article (anonymous!) It is in the WaPo today, US eyes global sanctions on Iran leaders: report. I found this at yahoo news.

Thanks for the updates. Keep them coming. I am sorry to hear about the 5 people who have given their lives for freedom's call, but let us hope that this time freedom will answer the call.

Anonymous said...

I think Solana needs another Vaseline shipment. His anus must be chaffing by now.

Anonymous said...

Rosemary: I hope you're right. The world would be a very dangerous place to live. I don't even want to think about it.

Joschka Fischer who was Germany’s foreign minister and vice chancellor from 1998 to 2005 articulates and grasp the gravity of nuclear-aremed Iran better than anyone I've seen so far. However, his solution is still offering a 'grand bargain'. It seems like they all have become a victim of group think and they can't recognize that they have developed a blind spot.

Rose: I hope you prove me wrong.

Rosemary said...

Let me try to understand what everyone (especially in the Daily Star, Lebanon) is asking.

Iran makes a threat. They threaten the USA while we are war, and they have taken our embassy hostage for 444 days in 1979. Am I clear on everything so far?

Okay. Now let us look at this differently. A child brings a gun to school. He threatens the teacher, principle, students, and police with death if they do not give him a cannon. Do you give the child a cannon, or do you lock his arse up in prison? Do you 'discuss' with him how he is feeling? Or do you try your darndest to disarm him?

I shall never give in to Ahmadinejad. He was one of the 5 major people who set up the takeover. He has threatened not only President but all Americans. Just because they do not understand that Mohammed sent letters to the countries he was planning to overthrow, he gave them the opportunity to convert. THAT is what these letters were. Nothing more, nothing less.

They were a declaration a war. What is there to negotiate? That is what I got from that article, and also from anyone else who does not understand the threat.

Also, he is a threat to every Persian, whether they live in Iran or not! Why is there no outrage about this? When they had that fake election, there were many Persians who were prevented from voting! THE DAMN IRG WAS IN OUR STREETS. Don't tell me they are not here!

Please excuse me. I get very frustrated when times such as these go unnoticed, and when they finally is somehow America's fault? BS.