Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rare pictures of protests in Iran

The above pictures were taken in the city of Orumiye in NW province of West Azarbaijan, with thousands of Christian people, during the anti-regime protests. I am just amazed by the number of people. There were more pictures but I couldn't post more than these in one single post. However, I'll try to add some more later when I can. These days are so hectic for me.

Please click on pictures to enlarge

The last two pictures were taken at Tehran university during another protest.

More on the student protests on another blog in english

Iran students news agency - ISNA reports that elementary school teachers of the suburban Tehran have gathered in front of the Islamic majlis to protest their low salaries and unwillingness of the government to hire them as full time employees.

Gooya news informs us that 50-100 Iranian Oil Company's employee also gathered in front of the Oil ministry to demand their rights and ask for employment

I'll keep you posted as these events unfold


Louise said...

Thank you Winston. I'm trying to alert people as and when I can to visit your website. It's a great thing you are doing, especially since not much coverage of this is going on in the main stream media.

Anonymous said...

Louis is right. You're doing a tremendous job.

Iranian said...

wonderful Winston!
damet garm.
keep up the good job.

Aryamehr said...

Keep up the excellent coverage!

Jauhara said...

It is people like you, Winston, and people like Isaac Schrödinger, Pakistani former muslim, who are educating the hungry. I am adding your site in my links. Please keep up the good work. Our prayers are with you and the Iranians.

Anonymous said...

Winston, how did you get these pictures?
One comment - these are not just Irani students who want democratic changes. These are people of different from Persian ethnic origin - Azerbaijanis.
To the north of that region there is a country called Azerbaijan, an state which got its independence upon collapse of USSR in 1991.
The Azerbaijanis of northern iran are same people who live in the state to the north and they want to be free from iran. The azerbaijani nation has been split in two by Iran and Russia in 1828.

Anonymous said...

I thought that We " Egyptians " are the only US Israeli puppet .. but now I know that theres other traitors ... The people as you SPirit of gay who cant help themselves to get their rights without the help of the west .. will always fail ..

You should be ashamed .. I m very pro the Islamic revolution though I live in Egypt ..

I was always wondering why God hit Iran with several earthquake .. now I know why
Because theres people like you .. who would do anything for money .. we call them traitors .. you think you are a hero ?

You are not .. You are just another traitor who hide in the west .

Inshallah God will destroy your kind .. and Moussavi kind .. The people who are willign to sell their souls to the devil to gain power .

Anonymous said...

You think you are tough ?

Tough people do not sell their countries for the devil ..

You are a traitor .. that is why if "and inshallah it wont happen " Moussavi could win this election .. God will destroy Iran with a massive earthquake to erase your kind Inshallah Ameen

The End is near .. your face did fall .. and You will fall with it .

Inshallah Ameen .