Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Due to my heavy work load, I won't be able to update you guys on the issues related to the recent Iranian protests and my posting will resume once I am done with my stuff.

Very hot and smoggy weather, which I hate very much and lots of work to do tonight and tomorrow to get in order.


Rosemary said...

I will follow what I can through Daily Briefing on Iran and other news articles. Also, Korosh has some pretty good articles. Feel free to take whatever you like (although yours is mostly better. lol)

Have fun with whatever you do. Life is short. It is not the length of time we are here on the earth that determines whether we lived a life a well. It is what we do in the time we are given. :)

Bill Baar said...

Thanks Winston for all you've done

رعنا said...

زندگانی سیبی ست گاز باید زد با پوست