Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Iran's Protests Updated

Now, the Persian section of Dutch government backed online journal, informs us that students of Avicenna (Ibn Sina) University of Hamedan (Mid-West Iran) have protested against the illegal interferences of the Islamic regime in election of the heads of the students union.

About 1000 angry students were confronted by infamous Ansar Hezbollah (Regime's thugs) but no serious clashes reported.

Persian language reports that regime has deployed anti-riot troops on the ground at major university campuses across the city of Tehran in order to stop any future demonstrations.

What should really matter about today Iran's situation, is the fact that Students & Workers have realized how high the stakes are and their brave efforts prove that rule of tyranny does not last forever.

Major protests have died down a bit, as I understand, but the important thing is that NO ONE is happy with the Iranian clerical regime and that is what matters to most of us and those policy makers who may be going to deal with the Iranian regime soon.

Bear in mind that Iranian news agencies are not allowed to report any thing about the unrests any more and that may be why WE have to turn to bloggers and other sources such as witnesses to know what we have to know.

Any how, I just talked to my famous friend, Downer, in Tehran to get a better look into the situation on the ground and he told me that the Police State is felt every where, from university campuses, grocery stores to public transport. He said no one can really say any thing against the current government. Downer insisted that many things have changed since the election of "Iammadinjihad" in summer of 05.

Gateway Pundit has more to the Iranian situation as he always does.

I also recommend Iranian Woman as a great source of what I call "Pure Iranian Emotions".

Update 1: BBC Persian reports that hundreds of women tried to get in to the Azadi soccer stadium to see the match but was confronted by the police and many of them were injured and beaten by the police force and a few were detained for violating the islamic code.

Update 2: I am reading that the situation at University of Mashad in NE of Iran is completely chaotic and students have been protesting for the 2nd night as well. ((This is updated on June 1st))

More to follow later...

Update 3: US Government's stance on recent protests in Iran


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R.P.'s latest interview with Izvestia, Russia:

golnar said...

winston jan,
read today's and Ahmadinejad's cousnelor's speech about Jews in which he accuses Jews of every evil in the world. what do you think about these News? where is Iran going?