Thursday, June 1, 2006

Iran - US over the nukes

Okay, big disappointment here over what I call "the policy of appeasement".

This is just great news for a regime which is completely shaken by days of popular unrest and a shocking one for people like me trying to figure out what the f*** is going on.

VOA News has more details on it while the Iranian regime says they won't suspend their nuclear activities at all.

This is not just about Nuclear activities of a rogue regime, it is about the very existence of a rogue regime and its human rights abuses. If the mullahs get to talk to the US, I assure you, that they will be able to rule Iran for another 30 years with their freaking religious iron fist.


bucket said...

I dunno, I don't think you should feel so betrayed by this. As long as the US remains in negotiations with the E3 and the UN what really has changed for Iran?

The same demands that have no intention of adhering to are being offered and Rice today even reiterated why we don't get on too well with the current regime just in case some have (and they have!) forgotten.

I think if anything this lends the US some much needed legitimacy, we have so many mouths to feed on this issue and many who are always always hungry. What are we to do? If we desire the backing of the EU we most certainly have to play these silly so sorry to rush you please no take your time games. It is what they believe constitutes seriousness, the longer it takes the more serious everyone is about it.

I personally feel that we are attempting to negotiate the un-negotiable, least with this current Iranian regime. I would imagine the US knows this too and the UK. The rest I am not so sure.

programmer craig said...

Good comment, Bucket :)

I'm really upset that the offer was even made. The US has not engaged in talks with Iran since 1979, and nothing has changed. Not one past problem has been resolved. Not a single one.

However... The IRI has already loudly and categorically refused the proposal. Which I think makes it much more difficult for Russia or China to back the IRI.

It was a huge gamble. It seems to have paid off. But it annoys the hell out of me anyway. Now I'm wondering what the next demand from "whoever" will be, for the US to show good faith. Why doesn't anybody ever expect a show of good faith from the IRI? Mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

Winston: This is not about appeasment, friend. This was a brilliant move by Condi to call the Iranian's bluff. The Iranians have already called the US offer propaganda.

Rice Interview With Wolf Blitzer, CNN

Iran calls U.S. talks offer 'propaganda'

Both side knew that the offer is considered dead on arrival.LOL
This move though shuts up the liberals and those Senators like Lugar, Biden, Kucinich et al.

Bill Baar said...

Keep translating and give us stuff to post Winston.

I worry about appeasment too.

Azadeh said...

I think this if does not end up in having normal relationship with a Barbarrian/Totaly-corrupt regime is not a bad move after all.

Shima'blog has also interesting post on it

Really with all of this PIMPS in the world what US can do?!

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
When I first heard about this, I was sooooo angry. How could he betray us?!

Then I received the e-mail I sent you. I still don't know. It sure doesn't do anything for image according to the Iranian people who are not able to get information in or out of there...damn it.