Thursday, May 4, 2006

Updates on detained Canadian in Iran

As I stated in my previous post, a Canadian-Iranian scholar was detained in Tehran int'l airport upon his entry.

Many Iranian bloggers and activisits are writing to keep the pressure up

Shahram writes more about his personal relation with him at University of Toronto.

IRAN WATCH CANADA has a post on this

I have written an almost separate post for the Western Standard magazine's weblog, Shotgun to raise the awareness as much as possible.

If you are reading my blog and also writing about him in English, please let me know so I can add your link in this post as well.

Now, I thought some more updates should be put here to keep every one updated on his unjust detention.

Update 1: Regime's news agencies and papers report that Dr. Ramin was detained for activities against the national security and espionage on behalf of foreigners.

Update 2: Iranian hardline newspaper, Keyhan, also accuses Dr. Jahanbegloo of Having relation with monarchists, anti-revolutionary groups, Zionists and trying to overthrow the Islamic regime.

Update 3: According to a Persian language weblog dedicated to Dr. Jahanbegloo's release, it is indicated that Tehran university students are about to stage a massive protest to demand his release if he is not released by Sunday.

Update 4: Agence france Press and CTV run stories on Dr. Jahanbegloo

Update 5: The Canadian government has not yet reacted to this matter officially but I understand that the Canadian ambassador to Tehran is working on this very hard but let me say that this is also a tough situation for PM Harper's foreign policy.

Radio Farda has more on students activities in Iran

American Blogger weighs in on Dr. Jahanbegloo's detention

I will keep you posted as soon as I get more info about this issue.

Idea: Michael Ignatieff who is a Canadian Member of the Parliament now, talked about his friendship with Dr. Jahanbegloo in an NYTimes article on his short trip to Iran about a year ago. He mentioned that both are interested in Isaiah Berlin and he was invited to Iran by Ramin Jahanbegloo.

I wonder if we can phone his office and let him that his friend is being detained in Iran and since he is an MP, he might be able to work some thing with the government as well.

Click here and write to MP Ignatieff about this

Please do it if you are a Canadian citizen!

Update 1: Shahram Kholdi tells CBC that Ramin is at Hospital


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American bloggers on board:

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