Sunday, May 14, 2006

Vigil for the imprisoned Canadian - Toronto

The ad-hoc committee for the freedom of Ramin Jahanbegloo asks all Canadians to gather on Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 4:00pm in front of OISE, 252 Bloor St. West (right next to St. George subway station), to demand the immediate release of this Canadian-Iranian academic currently held in Iran’s Evin prison.
    Iranian-Canadian academic, Ramin Jahanbegloo, was arrested on 27 April at Tehran's Mehrabad Airport. He is now believed to be held incommunicado in Evin Prison, in Tehran, where he is at risk of torture or ill-treatment.

    The Canadian government is believed to be making representations on his behalf. However, Zahra Kazemi, another Canadian-Iranian national, died in custody in hospital in June 2003 allegedly as a result of torture after being detained in Evin Prison. To date, no one has been brought to justice in connection with her death.

    Amnesty International, PEN Canada, and his colleagues in Canadian and European universities are extremely concerned over the arrest and detention of Ramin Jahanbegloo and demands that he be released immediately and unconditionally. Please visit the following web page for updates on his recent arrest and current situation:
h/t Nikahang

Please participate in this vigil, for the sake of freedom, if you can!


Rosemary said...

I cannot make it because I just read it. It is already 1pm (almost) and I am in California. I will be praying, however. Thank you for the update. Let us know how it turns out. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

For the record this is another Dual-Citizen Muslim that used canada for our passport, wake-up people .

The Arar inquiry was a scam, research the events prior to Arar being denied entry to the USA from Tunisia , CAIR coaches Muslims and Arabs to avoid helping the Government in investigating terrorism or terror cells in Canada.
CAIR-Canada is one group behind these rent-A-Mob protests and they have been linked to Hamas and several members of CAIR-USA have been indicted or deported for terror links.
Sheema Khan of CAIR-Can tried to silence David Frum and David Harris with a bogus liable-Suit for exposing CAIR's link to terrorism, but in a stunning about face announcement CAIR dropped 4 of their Suits ( 2 here 2 in the uSA) within weeks of the Courts wanting to open the Financial Books to see where CAIR's donations came from and who got that money.

Chretien got fooled by the Khadr Klan and actually helped the Al-Qaeda Daddy get released for terror links and that allowed Khadr to raise more money through the bogus Orphanage as the front to get cash to Terrorists.

Read all about CAIR and Sheema Khan's Whahabism Islam to impose Sharia-law in Canada and use "Islamophobia" to spread Islam by-proxy.

Rosemary said...

Dear Anonymous,

Let me put this gently. Winston is quite aware of CAIR. What is your point?

Winston is a fine, up-standing citizen. You would not be trying malign his character now, would you?

I would not like that. I would not like that at all. So please, when you comment, be more clear as to what your point is you are trying to convey.

I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How ironic, a vigil for someone in a Country where there is little free-speech or acceptance of different views,and yet this site right here in canada has self-appointed censors that respect peoples opinions, but just don't want to hear them.

The vigil is for someone with a Canadian citizenship , and it only takes 3 years now to get one.

My point is that living in canada for 3 years makes me no more canadian than living in a garage would make me a car.
Where were these groups when William samson was held in Saudi arabia and Bill Graham agreed Samson was being tortured.
And where were you when Saddam was slaughtering about 5000 civilians a month and killing females in public and hanging them from street lamps as examples to other females to dress modestly.

Bill Siksay of the NDP has now aligned himself with CAIR and he's not the first Politician to be fooled by pro-Jihadists or whahabi based org.'s .
Both my parents served for canada in WW2 and it helped to stop the Nazis from spreading their poison here, this isn't Saudi Arabia or Nazi germany, so take your censorship squads elsewhere or at least have the guts to admit you support the NDP.

Winston said...

@ Anonymous

You didnt have guts to identify yourself, so please shut your bloody mouth up


Anonymous said...

Another example of that Canadian tolerance that makes us the envy of the World.

Al-Qaeda and the Islamofacists want to silent any opposing views to their version of reality.
Say what you want about me, but when they come to silence you I'm sure your version of reality will be shattered and then it's too late.

Good luck with your efforts to appease the Jihadists, Dr.Elmasry would be proud of you and Sheema Khan would love to have you at one of her "Pro Sharia-Law" rallies.

Rosemary said...

Could we please step back for moment and look at what we are saying? Anonymous, who are you? I never tried to shut you up. I couldn't even I tried! lol.

I was and will defend my friend, Winston. You do recognize, do you not, that when we speak our opinions others have the right to disagree?

If you are saying CAIR has anything to do with this, then I do not trust it. But you did not say that. You came out attacking, and I attack back.

I am a little woman, but I will not be shouted down. Nor will I stand by while you are rude to my friend.

Maybe if you had started off on a different tone, this would not have gone in this direction. Do you think maybe you could try to be a touch more reasonable?

After all, if you have proof of what you say, don't you think it would be more helpful to educate rather than insult? Thank you.

Hi Winston! :)