Sunday, May 14, 2006

Response from Michael Ignatieff's office on jailed Canadian scholar in Iran

I mentioned before that it would be useful if Iranian-Canadians living in Canada contact MP Michael Ignatieff regarding the unfair and unlawful detention of Dr. Ramin Jahanbegloo in Iran, since MP Ignatieff and Ramin are close friends from Harvard University and now that MP Ignatieff is some sort of an insider, he may be able to press the Canadian government to help release Dr. Jahanbegloo as well. All in all, they are friends.

I, for one, wrote to him through his office and this is what I got back from him another day:
    Dear Winston,

    Michael is very concerned about Mr. Jahanbegloo. He has spoken about this in the press, urging the Canadian government to secure his friend's safety.

    I assure you Michael is doing all he can to help the situation.

    Sean Williamson
    Michael Ignatieff Campaign
I hope the Iranian regime releases Dr. Jahanbegloo soon. However, my guts telling me that he is now a hostage in the hands of the regime for a grand bargain with the west some time later.


Anonymous said...

That's nice

Mr Ed said...

as much as I feel for his plight...pull your head out of your ass for concern about one professor... when there are baby's dieing and children starving in that area of the world, who really cares about a personal friend of an MP that was stupid enough to leave the relative safety of the west to go there and get taken hostage...

Rosemary said...

Enemies to south (border issues) and enemies to the north (again, border issues!), what is a nation to do? Sometimes I get tired of helping the ungrateful, but then again God did not say to help only those who praise you...grrrr.

That is in response to the last part of your post. Does Iran not realize they do not need a bargaining chip???

Anonymous said...

WOW, the Nabobs in Iran must be shaking in their boots over the condemnation by a Liberal in Canada.