Thursday, June 8, 2006

al-Zarqawi is dead

This is great news but CNN anchors didn't look happy when they announced this, and I believe MSM are crying over his death. Mullahs of Iran are definitely saddened, if you will.


Chester said...

They were probably upset that he didn't get a fair trial to determine if he's guilty or not.

Tigger said...

Winston what is your reaction to the latest by our man Christopher Hitchens:

"Most fascinating of all is the suggestion [by Mary Ann Weaver in the July Atlantic Monthly] that Zarqawi was all along receiving help from the mullahs in Iran. He certainly seems to have been able to transit their territory (Herat is on the Iranian border with Afghanistan) and to replenish his forces by the same route. If this suggestive connection is proved, as Weaver suggests it will be, then we have the Shiite fundamentalists in Iran directly sponsoring the murderer of their co-religionists in Iraq. This in turn would mean that the Iranian mullahs stood convicted of the most brutish and cynical irresponsibility, in front of their own people, even as they try to distract attention from their covert nuclear ambitions. That would be worth knowing."

It would indeed, and I wonder if the other Iranian and Persian-language blogs are talking about this possibility?

Aryamehr said...

LOL at Chesters comments!

ONE down a few more thousands to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Liberal democrats in North America will have to choose a new hero now. Perhaps liberals would prefer a hero with even more flair than Zarqawi had, someone who will gut aid workers and truck drivers perhaps?

Hacking off people's heads and killing kids on school buses is old 'freedom fighter' stuff, this 'resistance' is supported by Hollywood and they always want something new to cheer about when they're getting on TV attacking Bush.

Chester said...

Tigger -
Yes, it would be worth knowing, but I'm afraid it would be nothing new. They've been killing their own and denying it for 27 yrs.