Friday, June 9, 2006

Khomeini's grandson to Bush: Occupy Iran

I am no fan of any religious preacher, be it a Mullah or a Holy Father or Rabbi. Religion is definitely what I am at odd with. But it is ironic to see how an Islamic cleric is asking the Americans to help free Iran. Ayatollah Khomeini's grandson, whose grandpa brought the nasty Islamic revolution upon Iran in 1979, is urging President Bush to invade and occupy Iran.
    "Hossein Khomeini , grandson of Ruhollah Al Khomeini, the founder of the Iranian Republic, has said that his country is living under a religious dictatorship, governed by the mullahs. He also defended his call for President Bush to invade Iran"
He also met with the son of the late Shah of Iran, Prince Reza Pahlavi and shared his views on variety of issues with the persian prince.

Read more about this extra-ordinary cleric on Watching America


Anonymous said...
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Roy Eappen said...

Maybe Khomeini's grandson can mak some restitution for the evil wrought by his wicked pedophile grandafther(he married a 14 yo in his 70's)

peace said...

It's hard to believe this, check out the link and see he said the opposite of what is being reported. How many grandson's Khoeimin has?

Aryamehr said...

Both of them Khomeini and his grandson (a mullah) can rot in hell.

A good mullah is one buried 10ft below ground!!!

Iran will only be freed -the way we want it, meaning in all senses- if it's done by IRANIAN hands not some mullah pieace of shiite or even foreign military intervention.

jimmytheleg said...

This would be a great way for the US to exit Iraq, by taking a right into Iran. Yet not before giving some help to the students, the ethnic minorities and the union organizers who will help guide our way in.
Great blog, I'll visit some more, and thanks for the visits to my blog.

آهو said...

Very interesting and I think it was Rafsenjani's daughter who visited Shah's tomb.

Chester said...


He has 2 grandsons.(that I know of).
Hassan, the one who is pro-regime and is still in the spotlight and is the one referred to in the link you provided, AND Hussein (or Hossein), who has spoken against the regime and has been threatened, and is the one referred to in the article that Winston posted.

Aryamehr said...

Just a quick note.

Let us not forget the argument of many people that a war will be a blessing for the Islamic Republic as it will enable them to unite the nation against "the enemy" and/or crack down even harsher on the population.

I really don't know whether a war would end up in the favour of the Iranian people. It sure isn't the first option. And for this akhoond to be opening his dirty mouth and saying these things makes one suspicious of his motives.

Again a good mullah is one 10ft beneath earth.

Anonymous said...

Iranians must free Iran. And they should do it sooner rather than later because once Iran has nuclear weapons - they will have to be treated like a nuclear power must be treated in war.