Thursday, June 15, 2006

House of Common's arm gestures

I just thought it is the Islamic regime's parliament that its member do weird things or say strange stuff but human beings are not so different, I guess. Any ways, it is just funny and I couldn't help laughing once I read this and then saw parts of that on CTV news tonight.

Obscene arm gesture in Canada's House of Commons

Very funny!


hunter said...

Well, I guess I am being politically uncorrect by thinking this was very funny and that the opposition are so desperate that this became a BIG issue. I clearly heard the opposition call the gestures "Italian" 3 times today, shame on the opposition, what babies.

gimbol said...

How is this worse than taking money from children, or ignoring votes of confidence?

Leap Frog said...

I as well laughed out loud Winston!

I love the capture line, Liberals upset with rude hand gesture!!!

Here's mine, "Canadians upset with Liberal crime - gave them HUGE finger"

Alberta Girl said...

Watching Mike Duffy yesterday, he gleefully lead his show with the statement that "there was a turning point in the HoC today and it was of the tories own makings - today the "big red machine" finally got the upper hand and has now gotten the ammunition to take the tories to task."

When he revealed what this "horrible" mistake was I laughed out loud.

Of course he had Coderre (I think) on and for five minutes they talked about how unprincipled this was and of course had to get in that the "taskmaster" prime minister wasn't there so his charges ran amok.


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

That was funny.

I thought the footage of Poilievre saying "F*** you guys" at a committee hearing was even funnier. I thought that the fact that the CBC didn't censure it (when I saw it) was great too. I guess they figure they can't take any flack for broadcasting the comments of a member of the government given at a public committee hearing, even if it was the "f-word". Even funnier was his initial denial that he had said it at all (despite it being on VIDEOTAPE for all to see and hear) and the fact that he still hasn't apologized for saying it.

This is much more entertaining than government officials acting their age would be.

Thank God the Tories haven't brought civility and decorum back to government like they promised. That would have been weird, and not nearly as fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Silly Liberals and their desperation for attention.

Rosemary said...

You think that's funny? Have you ever seen the Japanese go at it? They get into fist fights!

Early in our beginning, we had people go out and have shoot outs! Sheesh. lol.