Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iran's notorious prison exposed? Not

Infamous Evin prison was visited by the reporters and here are some pictures of the notorious jail where houses several political prisoners of Iran as well. However, bear in mind that this is what Islamic regime wants us to see and there are torture chambers and cells that no one has ever seen before.

Evin was also the place where the Canadian journalist Ms. Kazemi was raped and eventually killed there.

Yahoo! News on this story

Regime is thinking this may fool people? No way. We know what is going on in Evin and this is not going to affect our view of the notorious jail in north of Tehran.

I wonder what these poor ladies have done to get jail time at infamous Evin prison?

More pictures

Update 1: Rooz Online has more on this jail


Chester said...

It's a joke

Anonymous said...

A few years ago,I got this chance to visit women's prison at "zendAn e Ghasr" in Tehran and a couple more in Isfahan. It was like a nightmare...
No matter what their crime was, from a psycho killer or a drug-dealer to a freedom-loving person, all 'n all were kept in the same place which was more like a dark crypt, at the worst possible conditions with not enough accessible facilities...;even thinking of it still, makes me awfully sick and disgusted of the existing regime in Iran.
Now, this pictures... are like a "WOW!" to me! They actually look alOt more delicious than reality! LOL!!!
...from here now, I just want tO send a BIG thank to that nasty regime:
" keep it up u guys! u are doin' a great job fooling people by revealing such pictures!congrats!"


Rosemary said...

Maybe they wanted their human rights, or maybe these were 'crows'. I know better than to fall this. Akbar Ganji spent every day of his 6 year sentence in Evin (plus a little more!) Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Urgh I have to read this because I feel I must be informed but it makes me so angry and upset at the same time. -sigh-