Thursday, June 15, 2006

Seventeen Days in Iran - A video by an American

It is true that post 1979 revolution is run by maniacs and mad mullahs but this doesn't change the fact that the people of Iran have always been peaceful, friendly and hospitable and they love foreigners especially if they are from a western country like America.

That is also true that the Islamic regime of Iran today is doing every imaginable stuff in the name of the Iranian people which is why they are hated by majority of Iranians, but it doesn't authorize us to call the people of that country names they don't really deserve. Remember that our enemy is the regime of Iran, not those who are taken hostage by the regime and suffering on a daily basis.

Iran is still a good nation taken hostage by medieval clerics which should be freed for the sake of all goodness.

I found this on an Iranian-Israeli blogger which is a great video showing us how amazing Iran is to a handful of American tourists who made this video.

Watch this interesting video here


Zioinst said...

سلام وينستون عزيز

BBC News: 15 June 2006:

پیشنهاد فروش نفت ارزان به کشورهای فقیر از سوی ایران

داود دانش جعفری، وزیر اقتصاد ایران، از تشکیل کمیته ای برای بررسی فروش نفت ارزان به کشورهای فقیر خبر داده که در آن نمایندگانی از وزارتخانه های نفت، اقتصاد و سازمان مدیریت و برنامه ریزی حضور دارند.این کمیته در پی پیشنهاد محمود احمدی نژاد، رئیس جمهوری ایران، تشکیل شده است که گفته بود: "برای عادلانه شدن و کاهش فشار قیمت نفت بر کشورهای ضعیف، صندوقی برای حمایت از آنها تشکیل می شود."به گفته وزیر اقتصاد ایران،! هنوز طرح اجرایی مشخصی برای این پیشنهاد تهیه نشده و اگر قرار باشد که این پیشنهاد عملی شود باید از طریق کمک هایی که ایران به صندوق اوپک می کند دنبال شود.

به نظر شما نفت ايران ارث باباي ايناست؟

Anonymous said...

The video wasn't available right now, but you're's never the people of a country that makes it bad, but the ones in power. I would love to visit Iran. sis from the usa

Anonymous said...

You have to remember that, that Kazemi woman who Iranian and Canadian, was killed there.

Anonymous said... khAk e pOr-mehr e tO bar'khAste'am, ey ma'a'bOOd e pAk, sarzamine jAvdAneye man! band bande vOjOOdam az Ane tO'st!...
garche dOOr az tO'am kOnOOn, yAd O eshghat hamishe bA man ast!...
AzAd bAshi O sarafrAz,pAyande IRAN e MAN!


programmer craig said...

Interesting video... I watched about half of it, all I had time for :)

Maybe I'll try to finish it later.

Anonymous said...

Nice video...I liked the parts where they interacted with the people best. sis from the usa