Friday, June 16, 2006

CBC apologizing for Terrorists?

Right now, I am watching CBC The National, and it is just hillarious. But let me go a bit deeper before I tell you why this is so funny and pathetic if you will.

You know, I come from a country where Islam is being imposed forcefully upon all citizens and many Iranians flee that great country, occupied by Islamists, every year to save their lives and keep their basic freedoms safe from the rules of the Islamic regime and laws. You hardly find an Iranian woman living in Canada wearing the Hijab (head-scarf) or one rarely finds an Iranian man who practices Islam in an extreme manner like other muslims do. Why? Because we tasted Islam and we know how bad it is. We don't want it here any more.

Having said that, I'd argue that the Islam being practiced in Iran, Saudi Arabia are true versions of Islam. I believe that because there is no moderate Islam at all. The entire Islam is based on extremism and it is a radical religious idealogy.

CBC is trying to paint the very Islam milions of us fled from, with the color of peace and moderation? No Way.

I always see Muslim women wearing that Hijab here in Canada. I ask them, if you wanted to keep your hijab here in Canada, then why did you come here in the first place? Why did you not stay in your own country practicing your own religion in a way that wouldn't put you in this situation and wouldn't put true Canadians in grave danger of being exposed to your hatred towards the western values?!

No one can do paint Islam with a peaceful color, and it is because that Islam is about Radicalism itself. It is extreme or it does not exist. Once Islam is not radical any more, it ceases to be ISLAM and it won't be Islam any more. It'll be Buddhism, Christianity or some thing else. It won't be a religion called ISLAM any more.

The CBC show is pathetic and hillarious because it is trying to tell us: Don't panic, Islam is not like this. Yep, an average Joe living somewhere in Multi-culturalistic Ontario may buy it somehow, but I won't. I witnessed Islamic radicalism first-hand and I know how it tastes or smells. CBC is trying to say to crowds of concerned Canadians that the terrorists are not true Muslims, but let me tell you that these terrorists are TRUE muslims if you will.

You either practice the Islam based on Koran or its prophets' ideas or you don't. If you do, you are a radical, if you don't you are not a Muslim any more. That is this simple!

I wonder how long it will take for westerners to learn this...

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Sahar said...

Believe me other religions are not such a prize either.... You keep refering to them like they are peaceful. We all have hard of what Christians did in history... Let's keep an open mind and not let our grave dislilke of Islamic government in Iran blind us to the weaknesses of other organized religions.

proshat said...

There is a difference between Islam as the pure religion & practical one practiced by so-called muslims.
I dont want to say that I know the real Islam or defend it by any means. But what we are facing here in Iran is not Islam & on the hand, not everyone who practices Islam is a terrorrist... Force Islam has become part of our culture admit or not. & that's sad. 'cos we have forgotten how to be ourselvs & we have ruined both Islam & Iranian culture.
I beleive in natural religion myself... I know there is a God & I know there will be judgment day & I dont need to trime my emotions toward that matter by accepting any rules of any religion.
Anyhow... Islam is not dangerous... It's humans who make it dangerous by not using their brains while practicing it.

Winston said...

Sahar, I am not for any religious idealogy. I wonder if you have read my previous posts on how I regard all religions as terrible idealogies to run our modern lives.

Proshat, it is no Islam when some one claiming to be muslim doesnt obey what it says.

On the other hand, if you are a muslim, you should OBEY the entire commands of that religion to be considered faithful.

If you do it, you are a radical one and if you dont you aren't a muslim at all.

It is all black and white when it comes to Islam!

Sina said...

I totally agree with the fact that there is no moderate Islam.
Real Islam = Taliban

I hate it when they say Islam is the religion of peace!!!!! while in Qoran they ask you to beat your wife if she doesnt cook or is not good in bed.
Islam is a joke and so are many religions

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
I've known you do not favor any religion. As a matter of fact, I think you do not trust any of them! That is okay. I can understand after what you've lived through.

Sahar, you talk about Christianity in the past tense (We all have heard of what Christians did in history...).

May I remind you of the reformation? There are many things that all people have done that belong to one group or another. Could you please explain to me what that has to do with today?

Christians do not go around blowing other people while they commit suicide! Neither do we try to gather up young children to do so.

I am glad to say that we try to treat others with dignity and respect. Are we always good? No. Are we always without sin? No. Then we would be God, and that is impossible! :)

Thank you, Winston, for sharing with us. I will keep my thoughts to myself on this one, but I think you may know what I believe. Have a wonderful day.

Mike in Manotick said...

SAHAR wrote - "We all have hard of what Christians did in history".

That is the problem with these zealots. You keep refering to the "history" of others. We are now in the 21st Century and face 21st Century threats. If you and your followers would step out of the stone age, you might then be able to understand civilazation as is stands today.

Of course ,,, all IMHO.

Mike in Manotick (MiM)

Aryamehr said...


You've hid the hammer on the nail! Isn't that how the saying goes??? lol

Islam is indeed a radical religion from its core and i've been trying to say this for 5 years now! There is no such thing as moderate muslims! You either follow the koran and the arabo-muslim prophets and are a muslim or you don't! Simple as that and the sooner the average Joe in the western countries learn this the better for them! The media have their own agenda, haven't you seen how all these freedom demonstrations in Iran have gone un-noticed by major media outlets of the west? They have their agenda which they follow. If it's in their interest to fabricate such a term as "moderate muslim" they have reason to do so.

Everyone please don't be so gullible and fall for everything you hear on your media!


At least take these words from a nation that has had to suffer it!

Anonymous said...

It seems CBC, as usual, went out of its way to find apologists for the radical elements in Islam. It would have been refreshing to hear a voice like yours. Just curious - did you try to be part of last night's broadcast?

Why do I ask that question? Because most of the Muslim voices in last night's broadcast were not conciliatory, they were accusatory, accusing Canadians of prejudice against Muslims, among other things.

One participant in yesterday's broadcast explained that he shouldn't have to apologize for a"fringe" group who happen to be Muslims, just as "whites" do not apologize for the actions of skinheads, or blacks for the actions of a few gang members.

What that gentleman failed to address is that those Islamist "fringe" groups claim to act in the name of Islam, whereas other individuals or groups do not claim to act in the name of theirs.

What some Canadians and some Muslims have been saying is NOT that the entire Muslim community is responsible for the actions of a few, but what they ARE saying, IMO, is that the Muslim community must loudly denounce those criminal elements who claim to speak and act in the name of Islam.

Finally, as a naturalized Canadian who CHOSE to become Canadian, I believe that the policy of multiculturalism has tended to accentuate our differences rather than to help us unite into a Canadian identity. Although the term "a community of communities" may sound warm and fuzzy, it is inevitable that some people import the very problems they left behind into their adopted country.

That, in my view, is not IMmigration, it is merely MIGRATION, i.e. merely moving to a different geographical location with ALL the same baggage from the country of origin.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if you can grace us with when Christians were terrorists, blowing up innocence in the street, markets, and even in mosques. Christians have led the way in terms of building hospitals, schools, and providing for the poor--spare us the relatavism. If you are referring to the Crusades--then you need to read the history books to find that these were by and large defensive in nature; and if you cannot come up with a recent example of Christian terrorism and need to go back almost 1000 years to get one, then that tells me all I need to know about your objectivity. And please, Timothy Mcveigh was not a Christian, but a white supremacist murderer who disagreed with much of what Jesus had to say.

Jeff said...

Sahar, that's such a tired and weak argument. Christianity was violent, what, 600 years ago? The world has moved on since medieval times. What looks even worse on Islam is that Christianity, Judaism & pretty much every other religion have shown by example how living in peace will lead to prosperity. Yet it remains that everywhere there is Islam in the world, there is violence and strife. Please don't compare the orange of a religion still living in the middle ages to the rest of the apples who have moved on.
Even if your argument was acceptable at face value, it means we should condemn ALL religions when they are voilent - not that we should become appologists for the one religion that remains consistently violent.

Sina said...

Hold your fire folks,
May be referring to history is not the best idea but as I said in my earlier comment most of religions are jokes. Islam is the big one, but speaking of Christianity : Let me just remind you of IRA in Ireland they use to blow up every pub specially in the city I live(Manchester) in the UK.In Belfast Catholics and Protestants are still killing each other. In Scotland football Hooligans are divided into Catholism and perotestanism.And dont even let me start on Vatican,the pope,Bank of Vatican and their policies against Condoms, Homosexuality and etc.

Peace out

Sahar said...


I didn't know you had Christian fundamantalist readers here! Sorry guys, you are right Christianity is the religion of peace!!!! yah right....

History is important. Only pure idiots ignore it.

Timothy McVeigh was also Muslim eh?

Please stop being so ignorant. Open your eyes. I am not syaing Islam is the religion of peace, but I am saying it is not the only religion which has screwed up followers.

Sahar said...

Oh, and everything Sina said I didn't, since I thought you will read... But you know your holy pope is responsible for the death of so many Africans? Well..... The story is any stupid and blind follower is dangerous for themselevs and others.

Winston said...

Sina, what s happening in Northern Ireland is not about religious idealogies trying to dominate our world.

It is about independence, pieces of land and sovereignity.

It is not a religious war between christians there.

programmer craig said...

Well, I'm Christian, but I also don't think we should forget history. Religious wars killed millions in Europe, and it wasn't the Reformation that saved us, it was creation of secular states. I am certain that if Christian leaders had the power to impose their will on others, they would. And considering that in the last weak alone I've been called a heretic by two Catholica and an Egyptian Copt, I think that would pretty much suck.

Religion just doesn't mix with government. Period.

Sahar said...

Thanks Craig. You arecompletely right. That was all I meant. I just do think the government should be secular, regardless of the kind of religion.

Rosemary said...

It is not religion, but how the people who follow their religion that makes it either good or bad. We have all gone through our terrible times.

Now, REVEREND Dr. Marthur Luther King Jr. spoke freely with Christians, Jews, Whites, Blacks, and anyone else who was courageous enough to stand with him. He was against the violence some in his day were promoting. He was against it, period.

I have heard of a time when Persia was a beautiful place where all ships would come. There was much commerce and civility. Where did it go?

Sahar, you know so much about history...where did it go? I do not know this answer. Did the Ottomans take it away? Was it the Turks? What is to stop you from reclaiming it?

BTW, did you attend the women's protest so they can have equal rights? That would seem like a worthy thing to do, instead of trying to cause division. Don't ya think?

sina said...

Oh yes there is Winston,You have no idea.Catholics still attack Perotestant pubs.They dont hang out in each other's area's.and this has nothing to do with independence.
But as you said they are not trying to destroy our world or civilisation,it's just between themselves.I just wanted to make a point that all religions can be dangerous.In west the power of religion has been controlled this is why unlike east you see civilisation here.

Sahar said...


I live in Canada.... Too far to go to Tehran for protest! I am fully against the Iran's government, and do not want to go back. I support Canada and adopted it as my new country. I work hard to make Canada a better place. This is my country. As for history, and where it all went, the answer is to hell. People do not have the democratic education and the will to make things work. They are lazy and are waiting for some outside force to save them. That is a recipe for disaster.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I count myself as a Canadian first who has concerns about middle east in general and Iran in particular because of my family roots. I am not working on anyone's division. I am a BIG fan Dr. King and his idea, I am a big fan Mandela and his peaceful revolution, I am a big FAN of Gandhi. I am not at all nationalist and this games some people play (to play on my nationalistic nerves) doesn't work on me. I believe that one should adopt and live in a country they idenify with, not necessarily their borth place.

Sahar said...

borth place=birth place

Rosemary said...

Dear Sahar,
Thank you for your answers. They are refreshing. Welcome to North America! (Just my way of saying, "I agree.")

Yes, these were great people. Maybe, hopefully, we can find someone like this in Tehran? Iran? Maybe outside Iran?

BTW, sorry about asking if you went to the protests. I did not realize you are a citizen of Canada. *blush*

Have a wonderful day.

Sahar said...


Thanks for your answers as well. I always love heated discussions, I think these are the only times I really sit down and think deeply about what I really believe in. Thanks again. :)