Friday, June 16, 2006

CBC apologizing for Terrorists? Their answers...

    I always see Muslim women wearing that Hijab here in Canada. I ask them, if you wanted to keep your hijab here in Canada, then why did you come here in the first place? Why did you not stay in your own country practicing your own religion in a way that wouldn't put you in this situation and wouldn't put true Canadians in grave danger of being exposed to your hatred towards the western values?!

I had a post about CBC program interviewing muslims in Canada and how the freaking show was trying to apologize for the radical muslims and tell us that Radical Islam is just a myth created by some unknown elements of our society.

I also realized that I had to mention their replies here as well but this didn't mean that I wanted to leave you guys hanging. I thought you can figure the answer yourselves. Any ways, the answer most of these folks provide is that "Canadian society allows me to be free and also allows me to dress the way I please, and Canada lets me be the muslim I always wanted to be".

You know, this is very serious. These guys are misguided and living in deep paradoxes. The entire foundation of Canada is at odds with what these folks believe in and act upon. They abuse the freedom of their host society to offend others and abuse the freedom, of Canadian society, to carry their anger towards it under the cover of Freedom of Speech.

However it brings up another question about their reason not to stay in their own country where wearing hijab and practicing Islamic laws is regarded as a good thing?!?

It is not all about multi-culturalism guys! It is above and beyond that. The very idea of multi-culturalim is a cover for left to destroy the western civilization along with its true partner which is Islamic radicalism.

Do they (leftists) import them to ruin our society?

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Rosemary said...

Yes. Take for example the ultra-fanatic Mexican who believes that all of the west was stolen from them in the 1800's. They are called "La Raza" and MECHA.

There are 12-20 MILLION of them living illegally in our country. It angers many people, but the politians know they vote illegally. (It is illegal to vote unless you're a citizen.)

This is just to prove that it doesn't matter what race, ethnicity, religion, etc it is. If someone doesn't appreciate it here? Get the Heck out! Thank you. Have a nice day. :)

Tim said...

Well said. The real question I must put to you however, is how can you stomach watching the CBC? I stopped watching and listening to them 10 years ago in order to preserve my health.