Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mark Steyn on left's Cut & Run policy in Iraq

Mark Steyn was on Hugh Hewitt's radio blogger talk show talking about the desperate attempts of the DemoNRats in the US Senate to cut and run the job in Iraq.

Btw, that guy John Murtha is a pathetic idiot whom I think should stay quiet for the rest of his miserable life. Mark Steyn nails it again. I listened to it almost five times today while commuting to and from work.

Listen to the interview here: 06-15steyn.mp3

Transcript of the conversation


Tigger said...

Great segment, I also love to listen to Christopher Hitchens every Wednesday on Hugh's show, and his producer Duane Patterson does a great job with

Rosemary said...

He has a very good grasp of reality, as do you. Have a nice day.

سيدعلی گدا said...

وينستون جان

خواستم عرض ارادتی کرده باشم و آرزوی پيروزی برای تو عزيز

Winston said...

تشکر میکنم سید گدای عزیز