Saturday, June 3, 2006


"Londonistan" is name of the book written by British author and ex-leftist Melanie Phillips Which is not yet available in Canada and I doubt it is going to be here any time soon since, as I understand, this great book sacks the Leftists. I was told that Chapters-Indigo bookstores have not placed any orders to purchase this book yet and it is unlikely that they'd do it though.

Frontpage Magazine Interviews her and that is what she has to say about the dangerous alliance of the Leftists and Jihadists:
    FP: What is your perspective of the alliance of the Left and radical Islamism?

    Phillips: It’s remarkable, to put it mildly, that the left – with its obsessions with issues like gay rights, equality for women and sexual licence – should have forged an alliance with radical Islamists who preach death to gays, the subjugation of women and the stoning of adulterers. It is an eye-opener to see, on the streets of London, so-called ‘progressivesmarching shoulder to shoulder with radical Islamists under the metaphorical banner of human rights and the literal banners of Hamas. Both the left and the radical Islamists have put aside their differences because they recognise the value of using each other in pursuit of their common objective, the destruction of western society.
Are you not terrified?


Rosemary said...

Here is the link to buy the book. hehehe. If you cannot buy it in Canada, I will buy it for you and send it. Let me know.

Winston said...

Thanks a lot, I did have that link myself.

I just want to know when I can get such stuff in Canada... I guess NEVER

Rosemary said...

lol. Afraid of the Left? HA! HAMAS? HA! Take off their masks and fight like men, and I will fight like an American! Til the death. And it won't be mine...

Chester said...

I wonder if it's on order at your public library?

Louise said...

Winston, I doubt that bookstores would refuse to sell a book that could be a bestseller, just because it lambasts the left. Bookstores, like any business, are in business to made money. I think what may be more likely is that the rights to sell it in Canada haven't been obtained yet. I work in a book related profession and I can tell you the publishing industry has a lot of rules about that sort of stuff when it comes to publications from other countries.

Louise said...

Winston, lookie here
or here!!!.

It does have Canadian rights.

If you have a credit card, you can order it online from either Chapters-Indigo or from Amazon.

Louise said...

This book has been for sale in Canada for a long time, as have several others on the same subject. I'm certain the one by Phillips will be on the bookstore shelves before long.

The bookstore you went to might just be waiting to see if they can judge how well it will sell. Ordering books via the net has really cut into the bookstore profits, so bookstore owners likely have to be very selective in what they stock.

You could also try your local public library. If they have it or are ordering it, you can place a hold on it. There would be no cost to you at all.

Anonymous said...

Londonistan is available at