Friday, June 2, 2006

More Protest Pictures

More Pictures of latest Iran's protest

There you can see gunships, mortars and trucks which are equipped with heavy machine guns at different Tehran university campuses and I have to say, this was done by the Islamic militias to scare the angry students.

And the MSM is completely quiet about the popular unrests against the Mullahs of Iran....

CNS News has a story on the latest uprisings against the regime:

Ethnic Upheaval Boosts Calls to Oust Iranian Regime-link to his original article

Kenneth R. Timmerman has also published a good piece on Front Page Magazine titled as: The Moral Imperative of Freedom in Iran
    It is not yet time to unleash the dogs of war. It is time instead to help the Iranian people to achieve their freedom.

    Given the high stakes, we have a moral imperative to attempt what no American administration has attempted before: to give the Iranian people the means they need to build a massive non-violent movement, well-coordinated and well-organized, to challenge the clerical tyranny that is bent on leading Iran to devastation.

    Because devastation is the only alternative future for this regime, for the Iranian people, and for the entire region, should the United States fail to lead and fail to accept the moral imperative of freedom.
I wonder why no politician is able to get this simple fact that the Islamic regime of Iran is freaking dangerous to all of us. Why?

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Rosemary said...

For a politian to stand on principle, it would decry that a politian had any to begin with. It is close to elections here. I am so afraid...