Friday, June 2, 2006

Railroad or Airplane, you choose!

One thing that has become so popular with the Islamic regime in Iran, after the revolution of 1979, was the propaganda banners, signs and stuff that regime would put on the walls of the cities or hang from the trees to advise people or educate them (read INDOCTRINATE them).

Now this white banner quotes the Supreme leader Khamenei as saying:

If you have to choose between the airplanes and railroad, then you HAVE to choose railroad.

I don't get it but it all goes to the stupid mindset of the barbaric regime of Iran and the fact that the Islamic regime is the enemy of any thing new, modern and civilized. Not that trains aren't modern or good but this clearly shows their tendancy to be very traditional and backwardice and that they look at themselves as people who can tell others what to do or not to do. The simple fact that regime reserves the right to make decisions for a nation (just like DemoNRats in the US or Libs in Canada) is completely unacceptable and stupid.

It is just laughable (a bit sad too), if you will.


آهو said...

I don't get it either! I am sure khamenaei himself does not know what it means! thanks for putting the picture here.

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

اینهمم از ا ون جـمله هـای "اتوبوس از میـنی بوس بـزرگـتر اسـت" بـود ؛)ـ

تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

اینهم از اون جـمله هـای "اتوبوس از میـنی بوس بـزرگـتر اسـت" بـود ؛)ـ

Chester said...

The trains are probably safer.

Maybe it has to do with saving fuel?
Maybe Khamenei bought a lot of stock in train company ?

Rosemary said...

Maybe he is referring to his next attack? He is aware it might be a little harder to use planes, but there is no protection on the trains...and he is training the suicide bombers...