Thursday, June 22, 2006

Minister MacKay Condemns Iran

Minister Peter McKay issued a statement today condemning the presence of the butcher of the press at a UN human rights meeting in Geneva, Switzerland:
    "The presence of Mr. Mortazavi in Iran’s delegation demonstrates the Government of Iran’s complete contempt for internationally recognized principles of human rights. The Government of Canada expresses its disgust at the fact that Iran would choose to include such a person in its delegation to a new UN body intended to promote the highest standards of respect for human rights."
Canada has to do more to confront the Iranian regime. Let's not forget that another Canadian citizen is still in Iran's jail and Judge Mortazavi murdered a Canadian citizen, Ms. Kazemi, in summer of 2003. However, I think Mr. MacKay should be disgusted at the UN, not the Iranian regime because Mullahs do whatever they please but UN shouldn't allow this person to attend the session in the first place. So, I'd like to see Mr. Mackay to issue a statement condemning the United Nations for letting all criminals from Cuba, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia et al in.

It's good to see the statement by Mr. MacKay but like I said, it is not enough. And this act by UN rights council also goes to show how corrupt, unwilling to act and stupid UN is when it comes to serious business of dealing with rogue states like Iran.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is of course the UN. But years of indoctrination starting in school has most Canadians convinced it is the greatest insitution on Earth. Flat out attacking it would not be cool among the populace no matter how true the attacks may be.

I'd just as soon pull Canada out of the UN entirely.

cyrus said...

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peace said...

Check Eli Lake's article

Iran Death Judge Lands U.N. Seat On Human Rights

Anonymous said...

Good to know that McKAy is prepared to do the blindingly obvious. I am still however, waiting for his condemnation of North Korea. What is taking him so long.

Rosemary said...

If the UN was serious about human rights, they would not allow countries that hold the highest human rights violations to be on the board!

The UN is a joke that just likes to soak us for 25% of their money. I want them to move to Darfur or Haiti. Then maybe they would understand what genocide is...