Monday, June 26, 2006

Pictures from Toronto parade

These are a few pictures from today's pride parade in Toronto. The only thing I found ok was the banners on condemning the Iranian ayatollahs' treatment of sexual minorities and the things that I really disliked were naked men and women marching in front of kids and presence of commie war resisters and draft dodgers in a sexual parade. I just don't get it! Why should the authorities allow some people to march nude in front of thousands of people. And also presence of political parties in the crowd. Why were they there? To exploit the gay agenda?

Any ways, I don't want to sound like a traditional conservative from middle-east who bashes gay agenda, I don't see any thing wrong with Gay people, but I just don't think this is some thing people should march for if they believe they have equal rights with others. However, I promise, this was the last time I wasted my time on such a retarded event.

Do I have to move to Western Canada though?


Steve Kanter said...

They should at least have to wear underwear. You should have called the police!

I don't know why we conservatives don't march in the parade to, it would help raise our profile, as respectful of Canada's gay community, even if we all don't support gay marriage.


Kanter On Politics


Kanter On Politics

Winston said...

Dude, police were there. You think they didnt see them?

They saw them but they didn't care because this is Toronto!

Andrew Mason said...

When I lived in Toronto I routinely went to the parade - as good an excuse to have some beers as any other. I also have gay friends who attend, so going out is a show of 'support' for them.

In 2004 I marched in the parade as part of the Tory contingent - every party is usually represented, either in booths or actually marching. All the candidates with us were pro-SSM and had signs to that effect - and signs declaring Harper's policy of a free vote to reassure people that GTA MPs would be free to vote for SSM.

I can honestly say I now have an inkling of what mob hatred is like. At some points along the parade we were cheered (I even heard one girl tell her friend "they can't be homophobic if they are here, why are people booing?") but near union groups, dippers and liberals(noticeable because of their signs) the reaction was vehemently and predictably hostile. Once the boos and the jeers started they spread and built into a deafening crescendo, at one point the crowd was literally seething against the barricades in an attempt to get at us, spitting their hatred out in what can only be described as venomous rage. At times things were thrown at us. My girlfriend was hit by a plastic (thank god!) bottle.

Through it all we kept smiling and waving. It was incredibly surreal...though I guess given the politically charged atmosphere of the ongoing election, fuelled by Liberal smears and fearmongering, we brought it on ourselves in a way. We felt it was important to get out the message that conservatism is not about bigotry and close-mindedness. What we encountered all too often was pure loathing. Ironically, there was a distinct lack of tolerance that day!

آهو said...

Dear Winston thanks for the offer for help. very sweet of you.

Anonymous said...


Who in the parade gave a damn about the childrens rights to be protected from pedophiles and overt public nudity , Police Chief Blair and Mayor Miller allow this to go on in Toronto.

No wonder Toronto is a magnet for NAMBLA and internet kiddie-porn.

How odd that Blair punishes Police Officers for wearing a uniform at a rally, yet does nothing when naked men break the public nudity laws while he's IN the actual event.

I can't believe my property taxes now fund the parade via a Grant from Miller .

Mark Francis said...

"We felt it was important to get out the message that conservatism is not about bigotry and close-mindedness. What we encountered all too often was pure loathing. Ironically, there was a distinct lack of tolerance that day!"

It's baggage the movement carries, even if you don't. I know a number of gay-hating conservatives. I'm sure gays and lesbians have more than their share of negative experiences coming from conservatives.

So I can understand why they take offense at the presence of conservatives. They feel that you are trying to gain legitimacy by being there, and they don't feel that you've earned it.

I agree that they should have accept ed you better. People need to respect diversity. Isn't that what they are asking for.

Everyone knows what the pride parade is, so it is tolerated. People don't have to attend.

The parade has many purposes, but it originated as a HUGE middle finger presented to those in society who oppose them, which is why it has a tradition of beign so in-your-face explicit.

wallyj said...

We tolerate this rudeness to avoid being labelled as homophobic.I once told a black man that if he ever touched my woman again(he grabbed her tit)that I would break his fingers. For this I had 2 people come up and tell me I was racist. So,I told him again and that confirmed thier opinion of me.Common sense goes out the window when dealing with the tolerant minority.

Anonymous said...

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