Saturday, June 24, 2006

Iran: Canada spies on us & supported Saddam

Canadian government is in a war of words with Iranian regime and today mad mullahs of Iran have decided to respond too and this recent attack on Canada was a pathetic, irresponsible, baseless and stupid one for sure:
    Canada's (reprehensible) acts include hiding some spies at their embassy in Tehran and allowing them to escape. Furthermore, Canada supported the criminal Saddam regime during the imposed war and gave logistic aid to Saddam for his attack on our country," he added.
See, mullahs of Iran are masters of bullshit and that's why the Iranian regime must go and be replaced with a democratic, non-terrorist regime and I hope government of Stephen Harper takes a tougher line on Iran soon. But there were some points missing in the English translation of Iranian's FM statement like Calling Canada an old British colony that no one pays attention to... Read it here
    "The Islamic Republic believes that a country which still has traces of British colonialism is not at a level at which it can make such illogical and illegal comments and expect to be listened to."
Let's see how Canadian government responds to the Iranian regime's crap.


programmer craig said...

Hopefully Canada will break diplomatic relations with the regime for good! Lord knows, they have ample reason to do so! Does canada import oil from Iran or something? If so, couldn't they get the oil from another source? Canada has a small population, it doesn't seem that they'd need to import anything from Iran.

Anonymous said...


Louise said...

He's referring to the time in 1979 when American embassy workers were given shelter in the Canadian embassy and helped to get out of the country. The war he is referring to is the Iran-Iraq war. I'm not sure what Canada did during that war, but it is possible they did something along those lines. Iran was an international pariah then, just as it is now and we haven't always been idiots like we were under Chretien.

Anonymous said...

Round 'em all up and kick the camel-f*ckers out, now. They can't be trusted. If the war of words escalates, Iranians living in Canada will be coached by their imams to cause trouble over here. Muslims aren't like the adherents of any other faith, to them, we're all vermin. As far as this dirtbag's comments that "we don't know who we're dealing with?" Yes, we do. And frankly, we don't need you, your oil, your ex-pats, your "religion", or anything else you spread around the globe.

JDot said...

Only in Iran.

I say bring it on Iran we have a new government that is taking us back to the days of, do not fuck with us.

We are peacefull people but we are no longer goig to be walk all over.

Man, the mideast is crazy. wh can't these clown seperate stae and church.

Well the mullahs have so much power that is why not. F'n clowns.

JDot said...

Only in Iran.

I say bring it on Iran we have a new government, that is taking us back to the days of do not fuck with us.

We are peacefull people but we are no longer going to be walked all over.

Chester said...

Id say more like they THINK they're masters of BS.
But a 12 yr old knows it's BS

Louise said...

Wow! This man has just had an epiphany.

Tigger said...

"A country that still has traces of British colonialism"? Seriously lame attempted insult. It's like they looked up "Canada" in the encyclopedia and that's the best they could come up with.

Rosemary said...

Why is that those mullahs haven't learned how to play nicely? It seems that they cannot handle a little criticism. Poor babies. And they want respect? HAHAHA. Fat chance!