Friday, June 23, 2006

PM Harper: Arrest the Butcher

Now, this is very interesting because Canada is doing what others are unwilling to do and Prime Minister Stephen Harper requested Germany to detain the infamous Butcher of the press, judge Mortazavi of Iran.

AFP on this


Chester said...

Very interesting indeed!

Let's see if Germany is up for the challenge.
My guess is, they'll take too long to decide (accidentally on purpose) and Mortazavi will leave.

Louise said...

My God, I hope the Germans do it.

Sahar said...

Winston, Harper did not use the word "Butcher", did he? First i thought he did (from your blog) then I read the news and there was no such word. I thought I shoudl ask you to make sure Iwas right.

Chester said...

Mortazavi is back in Iran