Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Praise Canada (Actually, Praise Harper's gov't)

    Here is a sentence I thought I would never write. America could learn a thing or two from Canada on how to deal with Iran.

    Canada? A country the Hollywood left toyed with as a refuge from President Bush's America during the 2004 election; a nation whose foreign policy until recently has elevated the tactic of multilateralism to a first principle; the northern neighbor that got bullied a few years back by French speaking separatists into reducing the font size of English words on signs in Quebec's storefronts.

    Well, last week, Canada's leaders showed the kind of spine now missing from a Bush administration content with its predecessor's approach to pending threats. When word reached Ottawa that Iran's delegation to the Human Rights Council in Geneva included a man who complied in the murder of a Canadian citizen, Canada's foreign minister tried to have him arrested. Peter MacKay began ringing up his European counterparts to find out if Saeed Mortazavi might be detained in the Frankfurt, Germany, airport and extradited to Canada where he might explain in a court of law how in 2003 he imprisoned photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, where soon after she was beaten to death.

Oh Canada...

This was part of the recent piece by NY Sun's Eli Lake on Iran (Via Iran va Jahan)! It is very important to, at least, talk to the mullahs of Iran like this since the only language they (mullahs occupying Iran) can comprehend is the language of force and power. Show them you are weak and they'll take advantage of that. Show them you are strong enough to strike the first punch and they'll submit to your will. That's how, I believe, the free world should deal with the clerical establishment of Iran.

Press them, as hard as you can, until they die or surrender.

Eli Lake finishes the piece by saying:

    But is a broad discussion really in order? America is fighting a war against violent Islamic nihilism. Iran has cornered the export market on the Shiite variety. If the Bush administration can't figure out that a regime which sends Saeed Mortazavi to a U.N. Human Rights parley will not link up with our long-term security interests, then something's wrong. It's time for Mr. Bush to have a chat with his counterpart in Ottawa.

Yep, President Bush should learn a few lessons from Canadian government now. President's approach to Iran has been terrible and very disappointing. I wonder if he realizes that millions in Iran watch what his government does. I'd say that there is indeed something wrong with Bush's approach towards the Islamic regime of Iran.

Wake Up America!


Sina said...


Great article man.I'm impressed.Keep us posted.I really do like this Harper guy.New Canadian gov. rocks.

Rosemary said...

I strongly wish to disagree with you, but alas. I agree. I hate it. It seems the Left have won. With his poll numbers sinking, and the Left keep arguing that he lied us into Iraq; he doesn't feel he has the country behind him. That is why he has all this displomacy. (I am aware of how I spelled DISplomacy, because that is exactly what I meant!)

I wish we could just throw everyone out of the State Dept. Maybe then...

Anonymous said...

There's much more Bush could learn from Harper. Let's hope he has some words of wisdom for the President when he visits this week.