Wednesday, June 28, 2006

US gov't speaks for Iranian clerics

hI think I have lost faith in US government's method of dealing with the Iranian regime.

While supreme leader of the regime says NO to the US-Iran talks, Bush's press secretary Tony Snow says that Khamenei's response is not official and does not have any official value.

WoW, I think I should hold some educational classes for Bush's aides on Iranian regime structure. It is unfortunate that after 26 years, Americans may have no clue about the person running Iran these days. But I can say this to US government's Tony Snow that, when Ali Khamenei says NO, it is NO, it is official.

Dude, have you been asleep since the revolution took place in Iran in 1979?

I am sorry for Bush's government!


Rokgoo said...

My friend, you see they have no clues and no ideas about other cultures outside of America. They made the same mistakes about Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

programmer craig said...

They do know. They are saying this for international consumption. The rejection has to made explicitly, not informally. That's the stupidity of diplomacy. An Iranian diplomat has to sit acroos the table from the euro-weenies and tell them to take a hike before they'll believe it. And even then, they'll be kicking and screaming the whole way to the security council about not having given diplomacy a sufficent chance. Don't worry, Winston. US policy is the same re:Iran as it was 2 years ago. The dancing around is all about getting the rest of the world to stop wobbling.

Winston said...

Don't make the mistake most people do... All these three countries you named are different. I do support the Vietnam war too. It was initiated to contain Communism in South-eastern Asia.

While I agree that Americans are terribly confused over Iran, I also support the invasion of Iraq & Afghanistan and liberating Iraq and Afghanistan in less than 3 years. Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is necessary, but waging a war on Iran is not. All they have to do is to give us a hand to topple the mullahs in one piece.

What I think is unfair, is mixing the nature of Vietnam war with what is going on in Iraq today.

Winston said...

I hope you're right! I need to see more to believe what you just said!

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
President Bush has hated Iranian leaders for a very long time. That is why he refused to talk to them. When he finally allowed Condi to okay talks, it was only when he was absolutely sure they would not! They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. lol.

In the meanwhile, we have voted for more money to be sent to the tv's and satellite stations going into Iran. :)

Chester said...

Tony Snow says it is not official, because it isn't.
Nothing said orally is official. It must be in writing, and the regime has not given a signed, written refusal.
While the regime may report on the one hand, that Khamenei refuses the offer, they also say that they want until August to give an answer. It's regime bs again.
They will be forced to sign an Official, written answer very soon. If they don't sign, then their refusal to sign will be reported and known to everyone, and that will be noted as the official response. (refusing to sign is being uncooperative and the same as saying no)

Anonymous said...

US paying a great price getting EU aboard. These days when you talk to Bush Admin. about Mullahs comments , they are saying we are in diplomatic course. let EU be the front runners, EU, that in past 25 years have pleased mullahs in many capacity. Leave the fate of the world to EU, and you be sure , will see another Hitler coming from Iran or elsewhere.

Goesh said...

Big business/corporations have no allegiance to any religion, nationality, political philosophy or culture and borders are irrelevant. Profit is the prime directive for them, at the expense of people's well being.

Chester said...

BTW - Now regime says they will give their answer by end of July.
I'm crossing my fingers that no one falls for that, and that all the countries agree to tell Iran they won't wait that long.

AIS said...

Well, they have to give the official response. What Khamenei says is not officially official.
I just hope the Bush administration has the insight not to blow this one up by actually bribing the mullahs instead of standing resolute against them till the system is finished.
We'll see.

Nice blog by the way.