Saturday, July 15, 2006

Amir reporting from Beirut

Amir, the talented Iranian blogger at Offside blog, has taken a trip to Lebanon and been reporting from there ever since he arrived there.

It is highly recommended and give us lots of insights on Lebanon.

Updated: Since he is just back from Lebanon and is married to a Lebanese lady, his points on the current crisis is interesting. I urge every one to read his takes on the tension here and here

This was posted before on June 7th, but due to the recent tensions between Lebanon and Israel, I am reposting this.

Oh by the way, don't miss Sand Monkey's excellent post on the crisis over there!


peace said...
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Sherry said...

Winston, I heard on CNN, MSNBC and others that Iran was paying over US$100 million to support Hezbollah?

I have also been reading around on the web that "so-called" Iranian Govt has been speeding up it's executions as a way to intimidate people because they fear being overthrown. Is this true?

Rosemary said...

Thank you Winston for adding Amir's posts in your article. It is a very sad situation, but it is one that could have been avoided.

Resolution 1559 (I think) was to disarm Hizbollah (among other items). The newly formed country was just not strong enough to do so. Too bad the EU didn't offer any help. Oh, that's right. It's America's fault! Oh brother.