Saturday, July 15, 2006

Holocaust is a myth

The entire mideast is on fire but Iammadinjihad, the pesky president of Islamic regime of Iran, is busy talking shit against Israel and denying the holocaust again, and risking his life for sure. It'll not take much for the Jewish state to get rid of him at some point if he keeps on with his useless rants.

May be he really wants some Israeli bombs for his breakfast?


آهو said...

Winston jun, we talk to Israel constantly. I am just fed up. In my personal life Hezbollah has been responsible for 99% of my miseries. If it was not because of Hezbollah why would I ever leave my country? Why would I spend the best years of my teen age and young life just getting adopted to a new country? And now I am just so worried about my family in Israel. A large number of my young cousins are in the army and are located in the north. What can we do? Thanks for all the friendship and support.

Kobi said...

see, hezbollah has their own navy, own air force, own TV station etc. How is that possible without positive support from the government? Lebanese government is forsure behind this abduction including Iran & Syria. Therefore, telling Israel's attack out of proportion or whatever crap the left is saying is VERY stupid. The left is actually by the name of "peace" is supporting Islamic terrorism & anti-westernism. The western society was not built in oneday but it could be destroyed in oneday if we don't open up our eyes to government sponsored terrorism in Shia coutries. It was good to see our PM supported Israel.

Winston said...

I agree with both comments posted above.

Hezbollahs is a Mafia that has taken the Lebanese people hostage and unfortunately the Lebanese, like Iranian people, have not been able to get rid of the disease of this death-cult group.

I am so happy Israel is after them!

rubarzan said...

Ah you are agree with both comments above? I find this very cute. You guys are from another planet surely.

Anonymous said...

To some of us it appears as though this "mafia" has too much support and that is why they are unable to rid themselves of it. Wouldn't you say that the majority of Muslims feel that if they denounce these terrorist groups they are seen as supporting Israel?