Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Canadians must appreciate soldiers

Watching CTV news story on how Canadian troops are combatting the Taliban and terrorists in Afghanistan, I wondered if the Canadian society appreciates what Canadian armed forces are doing in that corner of the world.

CTV reporter goes deep into battle

I am very much worried the terrorists break the already-fractured nerves of the Canadian Liberal society and it is just unfair to see that leftist media and politicians turn Canadian people against the mission in Afghanistan. You know, I am sensing some thing bad out of these new media reports on Canada's mission in war on terrorism. I know that the government of PM Harper, fortunately, extended the mission in Afghanistan for a certain time frame but you never know what Liberals and anti-war idiots are up to.

It's been already said that Westerners take their freedoms for granted but it is important to know that there are men and women fighting abroad for our very freedoms at home. I didn't have these freedoms back at home so they are more valuable to me now and I understand why Canadian troops are there to help rebuild that war-torn country, but again it makes me upset to see that brave Canadians fighting the good fight against those people I hate, yet their bravery and sacrifice is not seen or appreciated as one expects.

We need to appreciate them as much as possible. This appreciation can come in any format, be it a simple email/letter to the troops or by understanding the type of war they fight and spread the word among the people.


Papa Ray said...

Yea, they need to know, (the warriors)it does help.

But Warriors fight at the direction of their Nation, so the population needs to make their Nations know how they feel about whatever is going on.

Lately in the Republic of America, things are getting out of hand with the elected Congress. They just don't seem to understand or want to do the will of the people.

That is going to change. Many will be looking for jobs in a year or so.

Our Warriors (and yours too) fight for their Nations, their unit, the person on their left and on their right, but they also are fighting for their children and their grandchildren.

They want their children to not have to fight or at least not have to live in a world that will not let them have a happy and productive life.

The ones that don't understand that have had their brains muddled and diseased will never, ever understand this. They think that they are right and those willing to fight for a better life and Kill for a better life for their kids are wrong.

They think that multiculturism and appeasement will allow them to live their lives and get along with the ones that follow the Qur'an.

They of course are wrong, but they will never be convinced otherwise.

So it is up to the rest of us, no matter how few to protect them from their own stupidity while protecting our own.

It is going to be a long war, I hope that there are enough of us to win it.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Sherry said...

As an American Citizen, I truly appreciate all the freedoms of democracy that has been provided by both the Canadian and American troops. Can you tell me anything regarding those 17 that were arrested? We haven't heard anything on this since the arrests and were told of their plans to blow up buildings and behead the prime minister. Is there any updates on this matter? Also, another question. Does your TV broadcasts get interrupted every 5 min with stupid commercials?

Louise said...

Sherry, there is a publication ban on this story right now.

I don't know if that ever happens in the US, but Canadian courts will sometimes ban any news from being published until the trial is over. This is done so as to ensure a fair trial (one that is not influenced by sensationalism or errors made by the press). It's also done to prevent any evidence that only the suspect would know about being revealed through the press, and thereby making it more difficult to pin something on the accused.

They did appear before the court to have the charges read. I have no idea how long it will take until the trials begin. If you read the link, you'll see that 5 of the 17 were teenagers. I think the oldest one was in his 40s. He is the ringleader.

Louise said...

Oh, and yes, we have to put up with stupid TV commercials, too. Most of television programs come from the US, but much of the advertizing is for Canadian products and services, or at least services and products that are available in Canada. TV sucks, anyway. I don't watch it.

Sherry said...

Thank you Louise for the update. Here in the US, they call it a "GAG ORDER". There has been a gag order on the Stephen Green case as well. I wished they would have done that in the Duke Univ Lacrosse scandal which sparked racial outrage in North Carolina.

Papa Ray, just to let you know, hopefully new Congress members will be elected and not the same old ones who have been in there for at least 10 to 15 years. Those are the people who represent themselves and just want paychecks!

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
Maybe you could check with your Defense Department to see if they have something like Defend America or CENTCOM.
If they do not, maybe you would be interested in starting a unit of Soldiers' Angels. They do very much good for our troops, and it doesn't take much. If you would like to know more, let me know.

I agree. They are doing an outstanding job, and you should be proud of them. Have a great day.