Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Israel fights terrorism

It must be clear that Iranian regime is behind the tensions ( Breaking on CNN) in that corner of the world to distract every one from the evil they are doing.

I just wish the Americans could fight terrorism the same way as Israelis do.

It's time to stand with the Israelis in their new round of war on the evil of terrorism and darkness...

Update 1: Israel was attacked, one dead and several Israelis injured - Via Reuters


Saeid said...

Hi dear Winston.
How are you?

Be glad all the time and have a nice night.

kupablo said...

"we will prevail" !!!

thank you for your kind support



آهو said...

Hi Winston jun,
I just heard in the news that Sefat( the city I really love in israel) was attaked and twenty something were injured.

peace said...

and irans involvment in this mess:

Rosemary said...

I'm with you. If we fought this war as if it were truly a war, the Democrats would have a fit. I say we 'eliminate' the UN!

Rosemary said...

Peace, Thanks for the link. Have a good day.