Thursday, July 13, 2006

Iran & Syria behind the tensions

How hard is it to realize that Iranian mullahcratic regime and Syrian baathists are behind the recent tensions in the middle-east?

Having asked that question, I'd like to know why the sources of these tensions are not being dealt with and how long should we wait until Iranian regime drops a nuclear bomb on Israel through its proxies in Lebanon or Palestine?

Forget the useless multilateral diplomacy within UN, bring back the American cowboys!

Update 1: Hezbollah TV's attacked (Hezbollah TV is the sister network of the Iranian regime's TV) via Reuters


Sherry said...

Okay Winston, I haven't heard that term in years. When I think of American cowboys I think of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood in early days. I could just picture those cowboys riding their horses yelling "yee-haw".

Why don't we send in gun-toting gangs from Los Angeles, NewYork, Chicago and everywhere else. Would that work?

زن متولد ۱۳۵۷ said...

salam winiston
aksaye aabshar ro didam va besyar lezzat bordam , dafe ghabl ham ke aks gozashte boodi dide boodam kheili ghanshange in aabshar .....


Zorpheous said...

You're absolutely correct, and Islreal has absolutely nothing to do with the tension in the region. It's all the fault of Syria and Iraq,.. I mean Iran.

Rosemary said...

Dear Sherry,
No. Unfortunately that would not work. Haven't you heard about the trouble they've been causing in the Military? It's a shame. Some of them do very well, however. They actually turn their lives around. Good for them!

Dear Winston,
It is now being rumored that the missle that landed in Haifa was launched from Iran. I do not if it is true, but if it long do we force a peace plan on people who are constantly being murdered simply for being alive?