Sunday, July 23, 2006

Iranian people don't support Hezballah

As far as I know, you hardly find a Persian supporting Arabs against Israel and most Iranians of different backgrounds believe the Arab-Israeli conflict shouldn't concern them at all. Iranian people have always been angry at the mad mullahs for their endless aid to terrorist organizations across the globe. Many argue that the money spent on foreigners should be given to the Iranians at home and the money should help them have better living conditions. Now, even left wing media such as Time magazine or NY Times admit to this fact:

Time Magazine:
    A Persian proverb: "If the lantern is needed at home, donating it to the mosque is forbidden..."

The New York Times
    Arab countries are not supporting Hezbollah, but my country [Iran] is? They are giving my share to the Arabs.”

Once the current regime in Tehran goes away, Iranian people will have better living conditions too! It's all about time.

The Shotgun

حالا حتی رسانه های دست چپی مثل مجله تایم یا روزنامه نیویورک تایمز هم به این حقیقت که مردم ایران ازدست کمکهای رژیم اسلامی به سازمانهای تروریستی خشمگین هستند، اعتراف میکنند


Sina said...

The word Hezbollah is a condemned word in Iran.It reminds people of the extremist Iranians who are with the regime. They hate the Lebanese version even more. Obviously apart from some Iranian idiots out side the country.

Anonymous said...

bebinam in sahyonistha chi beht midan ka in hama azeshon hmayaet mikoni?
ya kam cheshato baz kon va fekr kon chi mikhye benvisi

Anonymous said...

finally someone speaking the truth. iranians to an extent could care less about the arab-israel conflict. and OFCOURSE they do not support hezbollah; the brutal and repressive regime, that makes billions in oil revenue alone, cannot spend a buck on employment or the eviroment or poverty? no the money is given to hezbollah, to build hospitals and schools in lebanon?!

رعنا said...

رژیم ملاها فقط ایران رو به آتش نکشیده،همه دنیا رو به آتش کشیده است

Rosemary said...

I seem to remember a while back when the bus drivers were on strike and the mullahs gave over a million dollars to the Arabs occupying the West Bank. (How does that wordplay feel? lol) (That was not meant for you, Winston.)

It is always good to hear and know that the Iranian people are the kind people I know them to be. :)

Don Cox said...

"Once the current regime in Tehran goes away, Iranian people will have better living conditions too!"___Unless the Mullahs are replaced by an even bigger gang of crooks. Greed and the lust for power are not confined to religious types.