Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iran's protests remembered

Seven years after the bloody unrests across Iran, in June and July of 1999, people have come together to remember those who died, wounded and detained by Islamic regime's security forces during the weeks of intense anti-regime protests.

Here, I am trying to put together all the news stories, articles and other stuff about the Iranian students' uprising in 1999:

There have been large protests in Europe, US and Canada to remember the protests and remind westerners that there is a repressive regime ruling Iran with iron fist.

Iranian student movement remembers the July 1999 unprising

The US government issued a statement on Iranian regime repressive behavior and also on death of the Canadian journalist in 2003.

As usual, Washington Post newspaper is siding with the either side of the Iranian regime. This time, they side with the reformollahi side of the regime which in fact has no differences with the hardline sect of the mullahcratic system. But all in all, I appreciate that they allocate a few columns to the plight of the Iranian people. Be it reform or regime change...

The Iranian dissident, Ganji and company will run a world-wide hunger strike to help free Iran's political prisoners.

And an interesting story is the protests by gays and lesbians on July 19th all around the world to remember the two young gays who were executed a year ago in Iran.

Unfortunately, it looked too quiet this year inside of Iran, but I am pretty sure that it is not going to stay like that for too long.

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Rosemary said...

I am saddened that not many people showed up, but I am encouraged to believe that maybe they are doing this to fool the guards. What do you believe? Catch them off their 'guard'? (Notice the pun, lol)

I'm glad our government remembers, along with half-wit media (even if they are playing up to the mullahs). I really did expect more. Maybe there was, and it just hasn't been reported yet?

Thanks for the update. Have a good night.