Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Minister MacKay condemns Iranian regime

This is all good gesture and these steps are necessary in order to let Mullahs of Iran know that there is another sheriff in town. This is not clearly another Liberal western government trying to appease them in a way they wouldn't be offended. Although this statement is just another diplomatic statement but it is very much appreciated among many many Iranians around the world. There's still much more needed to be done to deal with a rogue regime like the one ruling Iran today.

Foreign Minister Peter McKay has issued a statement condemning the Iranian government for torture and death of the Iranian-Canadian journalist Zahra Kazemi and, also for holding another Canadian citizen Dr. Jahanbegloo without any official charges.

Also, the US State Department issued an editorial, related to the incident, condemning the repressive behavior of the mullahs and their cover-up in the murder case of the Canadian journalist back in 2003.

Like I have always said, Iran's issues are not just limited to Nuclear proliferation matters or terrorism, but the most important part which we shouldn't ignore at all times is the violation of human rights after the Islamic revolution of 1979. Western governments must speak out against these abuses while backing up the Iranian people to have a democratic and free society.

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