Sunday, July 30, 2006

Iran's regime at war with Israel

Vancouver Sun:
    A former CSIS informant who once kept tabs on terrorists says the Iranian regime is "mentally and spiritually" preparing its people for war against Israel.

    The Ottawa man, now in Tehran, reports that the hate campaign against Israel is in full swing on the streets of the capital.

    "It is everywhere. There are posters at intersections of (Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah) saying Israel must be erased from the map," he told the Citizen. "It is not good. It is sad," he said.
And like I mentioned before, people of Iran don't support this war against Israel or any other wars!


Anonymous said...

What really worries me is the 84%
of the 40'000 Lebanese/Canadians that asserted support for Hezbollah to crush Israel .
That's close to 32'000 of them pouring back into canada and mainly Montreal to attack the jews here like we saw when the School was fire bombed by middle east nationals upset at Israel.

Meanwhile, one window gets broken at any Mosque and CAIR-Can demand the RCMP treat it as a Islamophobic hate-crime even though nobody seems to get arrested.

Bill Baar said...

Thans Winston... good find.

Chester said...

The Israeli attack on Qana which is being reported to have resulted in at least 50 deaths, mostly children, may very well have been orchestrated by Iran to distract from the UN resolution meeting about Iran that's supposed to take place tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the reports from Lebanon I get the impression that 90% of their population is mainly children , very few men from Hezbollah seem to be injured .

The media in Canada reported a rally in Toronto and at first it was "Almost 1000 protesters" , then it became 2000 , now I see one outlet claimed it to be 8000 anti-Israel protesters.

The Police reported they had the proper amount of men to prevent any violence and the crowd was pegged at 800+ .
The bodies of 2 UNIFIL's still haven't been found to prove a KIA by a Israeli bomb , yet Kofi Annan instantly blamed them and now the UN agrees with our PM ( Harper) to pull the 50 "Peacekeepers" observers out of the War-Zone.

Earth to Bill Graham.....Earth to Bill Graham.....IT'S A WAR STUPID .

Anonymous said...

Check out this Pro-Jiahd/Hezbollah rally and the connection to CAIR-Canada , Dr.Sheema Khan insisted CAIR has no links to Hamas or terrorism support.

CAIR was in bed with the Chretien/Martin Liberals and has even tried to sue 2 Canadian Journalists and 1 radio station to censor them media and stop Citizens from knowing the truth about CAIR and Khan's Whahabi-Islam crusade to bring Shariah-Law to canada.